Video: Union Pacific blocks traffic in Elk Grove...Again

In what has become a common traffic hazard, Union Pacific Railroad trains once again blocked traffic in Elk Grove during a busy time. 

This time, the train came to a complete stop at 6:50 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. The train was stopped for at least 20 minutes and impeded traffic along Sheldon Road, and one of the vehicles trapped n the backup was an Elk Grove Police patrol unit. 

As Elk Grove contemplates how to spend its extra $21 million in tax revenue to improve public safety response times, this ongoing problem should be priority one. Why not build underpasses on Calvine Road, Sheldon Road, Elk Grove-Florin Road, Bond Road, and Elk Grove Boulevard? 

It might take 20 years, but now is the time to start planning and building these underpasses. The tracks aren't going anywhere, and traffic will only get worse.

If the city is truly committed to improving response times for public safety, what better way than removing these impediments? It could save a few lives for those of us who live on the wrong side of the tracks.   

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Renegade said...

I agree. There has to be at least one under/over pass somewhere in Elk Grove other than Grantline Rd for police/fire/ambulance to get from the west side of the city to the east. Just last week I saw police and ambulance units with lights flashing, stopped EB at Bond Rd as a train was stopped on the tracks. I thought to myself, I hope someone doesn't die because of this lack of foresight. Perhaps the city should put an emergency medical facility of the east side that could treat everything from childbirth and gardening accidents to multi-vehicle auto accidents and gunshot wounds. That would be a good use of the $24 million in lieu of an overpass.

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