Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost reports on supposed voter fraud, meetings with 'experts'

Sacramento County Supervisors Sue Frost and Don Notolli met with Dr. Douglas Franks to discuss voter fraud sometime in the last month. | 

Although the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors held a 12-plus hour meeting on Tuesday, December 7, regarding future plans for the county jail, at the start of the meeting, the public was invited to speak on non-agenda items.

Several of the dozen or so who spoke during this segment addressed a favorite issue of former President Donald Trump and his most loyal supporters - unproven allegations of elections fraud.

Following the comments, Supervisor Sue Frost made an almost 10-minute presentation on the issue, which had not been placed on the agenda. Frost was eventually stopped by county counsel.

Nonetheless, Frost made several statements about one of the former President's gripes. Among the names cited by Frost was Dr. Douglas Frank, an associate of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Frost reported that she and Supervisor Don Nottoli met with several concerned citizens and Dr. Frank.  

The matter will be formally heard at next week's Supervisors' meeting, Watch the video to see Frost's entire commentary.

Below are links to some of the people cited by Frost during her presentation. 

CSPOA Calif. Chair Jack Frost Huband of Supervisor Sue Frost     

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Atticus Finch said...

Frost states she met with the voter registrar's office and was confident there was no voter fraud in Sacramento County. However, she alluded that there was something outside of Sac County that may be worth looking into in terms of election security. Dr. Frank is a physicist. What experience or knowledge does he have in election security? Why is he even here? Did Sac County taxpayers pay for his travel expenses? What evidence is there of any election fraud anywhere in California? Frost needs to stay in her lane and worry about the integrity and security of the County's IT infrastructure to prevent computer hacking and ensure taxpayer's personal information remains safe and secure from would be hackers. This is truly sad. The mere mention of MyPillow and CSPOA (a radical right wing political organization) together in the same article says enough.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

To Mr. Finch's point on Supervisor Frost saying everyone is corrupt except us - it is reminiscent about polls done on the popularity of the House of Representatives. People will always give low marks regarding the Congress saying they are all bums and should be swept out. When asked about their representative, of course they say, oh well, our person is just fine!

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