Commentary: Elk Grove's economic development director flummoxed by question about his accomplishments over last 8 years

After skipping his 2022 presentation, Elk Grove economic development director, Darrell Doan appeared at the Elk Grove City Council. |  

In a presentation long on platitudes and short on specifics by economic development director Darrell Doan, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Kevin Spease unwittingly flummoxed him with one question. Spease presented the question to Doan at the Wednesday, February 22, Elk Grove City Council meeting. 

Doan appeared for the first time in two years to provide an annual update to taxpayers and the city council on the activities of the economic development department. Doan admitted he skipped his 2022 presentation to the city council but did offer a reason. 

"We did not do it last year...long story, so this is actually a two-year annual report," Doan told the city council. "I don't know what that would make it, a bi-annual report." 

After concluding his lengthy presentation, Doan, hired in 2015 by former city manager Laura Gill, took questions from the Elk Grove City Council. Spease asked Doan to summarize his accomplishments over the last eight years.

As video clips reveal, Doan did not coherently answer the question. Worse, other than saying he and his staff hit the pavement, he could not answer Spease's softball question off the top of his head. 

Later in his presentation, Doan did take credit for the city's Project Elevate. Additionally, he credited himself with recruiting the Sacramento Zoo's possible relocation.   

Doan's inability to coherently recount the city's economic development department's accomplishments indicates taxpayers' money is being wasted. Once the city's coffers are flush with Measure E money, it makes you wonder what schemes are being conjured. 

 And so it goes at Elk Grove City Hall.  


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Peter Peachfuzz said...

I would be embarrassed if I was him. First off, the question from your "boss" is a valid, simple question. In fact, it was a question that was made for Mr. Doan to make himself look good and justify his hefty salary. For him to respond "You're going to put me on the spot"? even in a joking way is disrespectful to us residents and even Mr. Spease. He has every right to ask you the question, given that you haven't given an updated report in two years.

As for the actual answer, it's clear that Mr. Doan has not done anything, because if he did, he would have actually given an answer of substance. He said, "the biggest win is.... Rolled up our sleeves.... I don't know, there is no one thing"


Kearney Zzyzwicz said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite movie scenes ever - office space. The "Bobs" who are the consultants working on companywide efficacy ask an employee to describe his day-to-day job, where most of his tasks are taken care of by his assistants or the actual work of the engineer. One of the Bob's bottom lines it and ask - "What would you say, you do here?"

DD, what would you say, ya do here?

Eye on Elk Grove said...

This is so embarrassing! Many of us think that Darrell Doan needs a major wake-up call from City Manager Jason Behrmann. Elk Grove City Vice Mayor Kevin Spease didn't him throw him a softball, more like cotton balls. City staff needs to be held accountable.

Maybe Doan, with his very handsome salary at the taxpayers' expense, needs to stop rearranging the baseballs in his office and earn his keep.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

It's nice that we have our very own Junior Samples selling us whatever he is selling!

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