Elk Grove News Minute - This is today's Republican party

Every so often, a piece of legislation scarily catches the imagination. A recent example is from, not surprisingly, Florida Republicans who gave us the don’t say gay law and book bans.

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Wouldn't be rich if Pussy Riot could get visas to visit our country and have them perform a special concert for Gov. DeSantis at Disneyworld!

Renegade said...

The Republican party never ceases to amaze me. The party of Trump is pushing human rights back 60years and they continue to erode our Constitution. Who are these people and why do true Americans still support their radical and misplaced ideals? Book banning, selective history teaching in our schools? Don't let our kid's education be determined by crazy-ass politicians who's ideals resemble Hitler's.

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