Elk Grove News Podcast - How the Elk Grove Unified School District handles the culture wars could foretell the city’s fortunes

Ms. Patty Marty of Turning Point USA criticized the Elk Grove Unified School District during its March 7 meeting, where the culture wars erupted. | 

With a great deal of pride, the California city of Elk Grove and the Elk Grove Unified School District embraces its diversity. While most have embraced the school district and the city’s diversity, this is a recent development.

As former Elk Grove City Council member and current Sacramento County Supervisor, Pat Hume acknowledged, it wasn’t long ago Elk Grove had an unsavory reputation.  

Hume was commenting after Elk Grove was rocked by a series of racially-motivated hate messages in the city in 2017.

Moving forward to 2023, Elk Grove finds itself fully engaged in the current round of culture wars which includes attacks against the LGBQT community and book bans.  

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