Measure E oversight committee to expand to 7 members as first 5 appointments are made

Hollis Erb was one of five residents nominated and appointed to the Measure E oversight committee during the Wednesday, March 8 Elk Grove City Council meeting. |  

Along with appointing five members to the Measure E oversight committee, the Elk Grove City Council decided to expand the committee size to seven at last evening's city council meeting.

After hearing comments from several of the 19 committee applicants, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen noted they had a "tremendous pool of applicants." Singh-Allen also said that when making her choices, she wants to ensure each of the four city council districts is represented.

Singh-Allen announced her appointments according to the four districts, with the fifth being informally designated as an at-large position. The five members nominated by Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and approved by the four council members are the following:

  • District 1 - Judy Covington
  • District 2 - Allen Vito
  • District 3 - Harminder Singh Khangura
  • At large - Hollis Erb

After the city council approved the choices, Singh-Allen asked and was granted approval by the city council to expand the committee by two. Singh-Allen said when the matter appears on a future city council meeting agenda, she will nominate Brett Bartholomew and Valerie Erwin. 

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1 comment

Renegade said...

No Lynn Wheat, really? She's the one citizen who has dedicated almost 20 years to the betterment of this city; the woman who is invariably at every community meeting, listening, learning, proposing solutions to problems. Sure she's not afraid to expose missteps by our leaders. But our leaders are human; we all make mistakes. Lynn is a nurse, an educated woman who has dedicated her life to helping. She should have been the very first appointment to this committee. It seems the mayor is afraid of Lynn and what she might expose as the mayor makes "her plans" for this huge tax revenue. Don't look now, but the emperor has no clothes.

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