As Elk Grove considers 'entry identification' program, prove you can manage existing signs

If there is one thing the Elk Grove City Council has a fetish for, it's signs. From the giant billboard festooned with an elk along Highway 99 and numerous wayfinding signs, they can't seem to get enough.

At the urging of Vice Mayor Kevin Spease, the city is endeavoring another sign project. This project is an entry identification program that could place eight welcome signs at various points in the city.  

According to the lengthy staff report that will be discussed at the Wednesday, April 12, city council meeting, there are many possibilities. However, as noted in the report, the cost has not been identified because it "depends on its scale and the design elements of the monuments."

City staff will refine the project based on the specifications they are told to pursue at Wednesday's meeting. If the city council approves the expenditure, the entry point welcome signs will be part of the capitol improvement program.

The entry signs are destined for approval, given the city council's sign fetish, we kindly remind them not to forget their existing signs. As of Saturday, April 8, the city's event billboard on westbound Laguna Boulevard still had an event posted that happened almost one month ago.

Before you spend more taxpayer's money that could be used for things like road, sidewalk, and trail maintenance that directly benefits residents, prove you know how to manage other assets. If city staff can't manage to keep this events sign updated, what does it say about other things so not readily visible?  

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