Public works director for Elk Grove accepted gifts during 2022

Elk Grove's public works director Jeff Werner accepted gifts
from at least one vendor doing business with the city. | 

During 2022 Elk Grove's public works director accepted gifts of dinner and golf from three different sources.

Jeff Werner accepted three gifts valued at $350. The gifts came from the following entities:
Interwest is one of Elk Grove's largest outside vendors. Werner was promoted to his current position in May 2021.

According to Transparent California, as public works director Werner had a total compensation package valued at $221,542 in 2021

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I don't begrudge him a quarter million a year, a few meals, and a round of golf on the side. Just be sure to keep pouring in that liquid asphalt crack sealer throughout the city and I'll be happy!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

It is interesting that Mr. Suen and Mr. Werner are both well-educated, well-paid and reportedly credentialed engineering professionals who find it necessary to accept these gifts.

If Mr. Werner were a true leader he would set an example for his staff and decline any gifts. As for Mr. Suen, he has always been a follower and a spineless official so it is business as usual for him.

Jon Colton said...

Mr. Werner is a fine gentleman and a good public servant doing a fine job at balancing varying public works needs of our City. I don't believe accepting invitations to two dinners and a round of golf infringes on his honesty and integrity in any way.

Jeff Hood said...

The story doesn't say what the source of this information is. He probably disclosed it as part of his annual filing with the state, but the story fails to say. Bad reporting.

CCO_EG said...

EGN - Looks like you ruffled up some feathers with this one. Keep up the good work!

Neo Elk Grove said...

Am I missing something? Did Jeff Werner do something illegal, or do his defenders know something we don't?

Eye on Elk Grove said...

It may be legal to take the gifts, but it is ethical. What about public perception of a conflict of interest if Werner has input on these contracts?

The city of Elk Grove's directors should follow their boss' lead. Elk Grove City Manager Jason Behrmann doesn't take any gifts.

Renegade said...

While it may not be illegal to accept these gifts, it gives the public perception of a violation of ethics and poor judgement. Perception is reality. It may or may not be a situation of Quid pro quo. We need our employees to be above reproach and have a policy to not accept gifts from those who may have business with the city. It's a simple policy that needs to be followed. C'mon, you're well compensated by the city.

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