Voices of Elk Grove - Parent 'at a loss' over racial harassment of her child in Elk Grove schools

The mother of a sixth-grade student relates how her daughter is subjected to racial slurs. | 

UPDATED May 4 -  11 am | 

The wrong video was posted for this story. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Child repeatedly called the N-word, other slurs by classmate

Even though Elk Grove, Calif. is an ethnically and racially diverse city, by the sounds of many parents, the spirit of embracing diversity has not stopped the regular use of racial and ethnic slurs in the Elk Grove Unified School District.

In what is a regular occurrence at Trustee meetings of the EGUSD, another parent has related an ugly incident at an Elk Grove School. This event was described by Jasmine Grady, whose 6th-grade daughter was called several offensive names at Elliot Ranch Elementary School by a classmate.

Watch the video to see the frustration and a request for assistance by Ms. Grady.

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