Culture wars ensnaring Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, City Council

An Elk Grove business owner tells the Elk Grove City Council and Mayor that Queer people are at risk in the city during their July 26 meeting. | 

Even though they have no jurisdiction over affairs for the Elk Grove Unified School District, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and the City Council are ensnared in the culture wars being waged against public school books, curriculum, and gender equity issues.

These ensnarements were displayed during the Wednesday, July 26, Elk Grove City Council meeting. Among those speaking during the public comments section of the meeting was Mr. Kirk Thomson. In his comments, Thomson pushed back on Ms. Singh-Allen, who he claimed called him a liar following his remarks at a previous meeting on June 28.

See Thomson's entire commentary in the video below.

Thomson commented as the first speaker during the public comment on the non-agenda item portion of the meeting. The final speaker during this meeting segment was Ms. Emily Autenrieth, the co-owner of an Elk Grove book store, A Seat at The Table has become a welcoming focal point for Elk Grove's LGBTQ+ community.

Responding to Thomson, Ms. Emily Autenrieth said speaking in support of the city's LGBTQ+ is important even though it has led to her business has been doxxed. 

While Autenrieth spoke favorably about Elk Grove's support of Pride Month in June, vigilance is needed. 

"Queer people are not safe enough in Elk Grove," she claimed. Watch her commentary in the video below. 

Singh- Allen, a board member of the Elk Grove Unified School District before becoming mayor in 2020, has pointed out the city has no jurisdiction in school matters. Regardless, critics like Thomson and groups like Momarmy.ElkGrove has said the mayor should use her considerable influence and friendships with Elk Grove Unified School District trustees to get books banned from Elk Grove public schools they find objectionable.  

Notwithstanding their lack of jurisdiction on book bans, battle lines have been drawn and may intensify as the new school year begins. It is something that Singh-Allen and city council members Rod Brewer, Sergio Robles, Kevin Spease, and Darren Suen will have to address politically as the issue gains traction nationally and locally.   

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