Exact address needed by Elk Grove Police to respond to illegal fireworks calls

Although the City of Elk Grove promoted a Zero Tolerance policy on illegal fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday in its monthly newsletter (see excerpt below), the reality of enforcement is not congruent. The newsletter encourages residents to report "illegal fireworks activity" by calling the non-emergency line at (916) 714-5115. 

However, a recording on the line states Elk Grove Police can only respond to calls where an exact address is provided. Hear the recording below.

Reports of illegal fireworks can also be emailed to firewors@elkgrovepd.org. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I'm glad the Measure E sales tax passed, or else the calls might have been routed to an overseas call center and the recording would have gone something like this: 

Thank you for calling the EGPD citizen hotline. To report illegal firecrackers press 1 for illegal bottle rockets; press 2 for illegal m80s; press 3 for shotgun blasts; and press 4 if you cannot identify the firework in question and stay on the line while a sampling of various firework sounds will be played for you so you can hang up and call in again with the required information. We also need to know the address, number of people involved, make and model of illegal firework, compass heading on where the firework was aimed, and whether any of the offenders chased after you. If you would also like to order high speed internet or a cable TV package, stay on the line and one of our international call center operators will be happy to assist you. 

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