The Barbie Film Score Composed by Ronson & Wyatt Now Available - Streaming/Vinyl/ CD

This summer's cultural phenomenon has been the Barbie movie. For the fans of that movie, there is good news - the film score is now available and not just digitally.

Yesterday, WaterTower Music released Barbie (Score from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). The score is composed by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.

The score is featured in the juggernaut film Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken. The film has already shattered numerous records and is on its way to earning $1 billion at the global box office.

“Greta’s Barbie overflows with emotion in a way that inspired us to no end, not just with harmony and melody but also textures, sonics and rhythms. Sometimes Greta wanted us to elicit tears, sometimes she wanted it to feel like a disco," said Mark Ronson. "Sometimes she loved the warmth of vintage analogue synthesizers, sometimes she wanted the richness of the orchestra. Often, she wanted both."

The score is now available on all digital music platforms and pre-orders are live for vinyl and CD configurations of the album through Waxwork Records. The vinyl will come in a variety of colors (pink, blue, white, and yellow) and will be housed in a heavyweight jacket with a high gloss coating.


  1. Creation of Barbie
  2. Pink ("Barbie" Opening Theme) *Lizzo Cover
  3. Beach Off
  4. Ken Thinks
  5. Stairway to Weird Barbie
  6. Thoughts of Death
  7. Send Me Through the Portal
  8. Ken Makes a Discovery
  9. Bus Stop Billie *Billie Eilish Cover
  10. Mattel
  11. Meeting Ruth *Billie Eilish Cover
  12. Lose These Chuckleheads
  13. You Failed Me!
  14. Alan vs Kens
  15. Deprogramming
  16. Warmth of Your Gaze
  17. An Ending
  18. I Don't Have an Ending
  19. What Was I Made For? (Epilogue) *Billie Eilish Cover

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