Elk Grove Citizen, Galt Herald sold to Messenger Publishing Group

A message published last Friday by Bonnie Rodriguez, the immediate past publisher of the Elk Grove Citizen and Galt Herald, said the two weekly newspapers had been sold. Carmichael, Calif.-based Messenger Publishing Group (MPG) purchased the two community newspapers.  

Along with the Citizen and the Herald, MPG purchases include the sale of the River Valley Times, Pocket News, Arden Carmichael News, Land Park News, and East Sacramento News. Rodriguez bought the chain in late 2021 from longtime owners, the Herberger family, who assumed ownership of the Citizen and Herald in 1959. 

The Citizen was founded in 1909 and has served as the official newspaper of Elk Grove since its 2000 incorporation. In 2009, the Elk Grove Citizen recognized the 100th anniversary of the publication. 

Like many newspaper operations, the Citizen has suffered from declining subscription and advertising revenues from online competition and social media.  

MPG is privately owned and operated by Paul V. Scholl and, with this purchase, has 27 newspapers in its portfolio. On a website operated by MPG, Mr. Scholl, is titled Rev. Paul Scholl. 

It is unknown if MPG will retain current staff levels for the Citizen or if the sale included the printing press operation in Galt. MPS did not have a printing press operation before the purchase.

Rodriguez's sale announcement can be read here.  

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Renegade said...

With the demise of the Citizen, the loss of their staff, looks like EGN is now this city's #1 news provider. I hate to see The Citizen fail like so many other news publications, guess it's a sign of the times. Everyone is on-line getting the news. Seems Dan had the foresight to see this coming. Hope his subscription numbers skyrocket. He's paid his dues and he give the news to us, good or bad; same can't be said for The Citizen. Everything was puppies and rainbows, city hall was seldom held to task for their shortcomings.

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