Oak Rose videos - Singh-Allen throw shade at allies, former colleague; Public comment tropes on Atty. General Rob Bonta

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen throws shade at political allies and former colleagues
during the hearing on the controversial Oak Rose affordable housing project. |  

If nothing else, the recent Elk Grove City Council hearing on the supportive and affordable housing Oak Rose project generated interesting rhetoric and many factually inaccurate statements. While some city council members were verbose in their commentary, notably Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, remarks in deliberations blic comment were noteworthy. 

The comments by the individual in the video below, a self-described non-practicing attorney, dove into topics unrelated to Oak Rose but likely shared by many of the Wednesday night speakers. This person not only insulted city staff as he concluded his comments, but before that, he delved into anti-semitic and conspiracy tropes favored in many circles.

During her remarks on the project, Singh-Allen read a prepared statement meant to cover her ass and shift blame, not thoughtful deliberations. During her blame-shifting exercise, Singh-Allen noted two pieces of legislation, Senate Bill 35, signed into law by former Gov. Jerry Brown, and current legislation, Senate Bill 423, which awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom's signature. 

Among political allies and former colleagues, Singh-Allen implicated in their conspiracy of stip local control from municipalities were former Assemblymember and Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper, former State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, State Senator Angelique Ashby, and Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen. All four represented Elk Grove constituents starting in 2014 when Cooper and Pan were elected and the 2022 election of Nguyen and Ashby as their replacements.

While legislators representing the people and the city of Elk Grove, Cooper and Pan voted for SB35. Recently, acting in the same capacity as their predecessors, Nguyen and Ashby voted for SB423, which extends the sunset date on SB35 until 2036. These pieces of legislation, meant to address homelessness and housing affordability, aggravated the mayor. 

Along with complaints about local legislators, Singh-Allen also implicated Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and the entire state government for "strengthening their own power grab." There was much to unpack in Singh-Allen's comments, and they will be addressed.   

Suffice it to say if the rumbling that Singh-Allen wants to replace Rep. Doris Matsui when she leaves elected office, this dissing of her Democratic colleagues is not the best strategy for her advancement. Then again, maybe Singh-Allen will return to her original political party and become a Republican.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

"Then again, maybe Singh-Allen will return to her original political party and become a Republican".

EGN just insulted the Republican Party!

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