Another continuation appears likely for Elk Grove's Oak Rose project as 'meaningful' negotiations proceed

According to a statement posted this afternoon on social media, the city of Elk Grove will again continue a decision on the controversial Oak Rose project.

A posting by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen says at tomorrow's Elk Grove City Council meeting, she will request the hearing be rescheduled for another unspecified meeting. Singh-Allen states that the ongoing negotiations with the Excelerate Housing Group, developers of the Oak Rose supportive housing project, are "meaningful."

Singh-Allen's statement (see below) said, "The City is having meaningful conversations about an alternative site in hopes of reaching an agreement."

As reported earlier today, Excelarate's chief executive officer, Dana Trujillo, said they would not attend tomorrow's city council meeting. She added there was "continuing good faith negotiations" with the city. 

Singh-Allen will request, and her city council will likely agree to a continuance. The next regular meeting is scheduled for October 24.

It is unclear what effect the continuance will have on the State of California fair housing lawsuit against the city. After the September 27 continuance on the project, California Attorney General Rob Bonta said the state would proceed with its lawsuit against the city. 

As of this afternoon, Bonta has not commented on the developments. 

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Renegade said...

Once this debacle is behind us, it would serve the council and the citizens to spend some of that Measure E money to lobby the legislature to fix SB 35 and modify SB 423 to include some safeguards for municipalities that have ignored affordable housing for decades like EG. That would be money well spent unless the council likes enjoys tarred and feathered.

Randy Bekker said...

I would agree some what with Renegade, however it takes developers wanting to build these projects and I believe the properties that is on the list for project like Oak Rose must be built 1st. The city should have 30 days to make the list current. Just to allow building at will hurts a cities ability for planning. However I don’t think a city has a right as cities like Huntington Beach just to say no. I am glad to see both side come together to come up with a better location for those being housed and the city right to plan.

Josie said...

Appears the city has placed themselves between a rock and a hard place. Something that the Excelerate Housing Group is well aware of too! $$$

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