Oak Rose decision delayed again as Elk Grove pursues negotiated resolution to affordable housing dispute

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen announcing another delay on the Oak Rose affordable housing project. |  

As expected, last night Elk Grove again delayed a decision on the fate of the Oak Rose affordable housing project. The announcement to defer a decision indefinitely on a recommendation by the city's professional staff to approve the controversial and politically fraught project was made by Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen.

Announced at the start of the meeting, Singh-Allen claimed the city is in "good faith negotiations" and trying to find a "win-win' resolution with Excelerate Housing, the developer of the Old Town-Historic Downtown Elk Grove Oak Rose affordable housing project. Although Singh-Allen did not provide more information, the city is trying to find another site for the 66-unit supportive housing project within city limits.

Singh-Allen suggested the negotiations could be lengthy by saying, "We are in the early stages of this process and will continue to do our due diligence in hopes of finding a win-win solution if possible." 

Interestingly, the city's professional staff led by city attorney Jonathan Hobbs had recommended that Singh-Allen and her four councilmen approve the project at last night's meeting and during the September 29 meeting. During the September 27 meeting, Hobbs told the city council could be obliged to pay legal fees approaching $2 million should they fail to defend lawsuits filed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta and the Oak Rose proponents.

After the September 27 deferral, Bonta said he was disappointed that Singh-Allen did not take action and that the fair housing lawsuit would proceed. The attorney general's office has not commented on last night's deferral.

Also, during the September 27 meeting, Hobbs said delays in the decision compel the city to file pre-trial briefs by October 24. Even if the city settles with Oak Rose before their next regular meeting on October 25, it is not known what effect, if any, on Bonta's pursuit of the city.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I have to laugh when the City describes this standoff as a "negotiation". It's actually more like a poker game with Oak Rose/Bonta sitting on a straight flush, and EG is sitting on a pair of deuces and lots of taxpayer chips. This isn't an issue of both sides having a little leverage over each other, it's more like EG throwing more chips into the pot until Oak Rose throws in their hand, collects the pot, and EG then claims a win-win in their press release.

Renegade said...

I agree w above comment. EG has little leverage here. Just trying to save face to some Dist 2 NIMBYs at taxpayer expense. Just wondering how much this is going to cost us?

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