Sergio Has Left The Building! Elk Grove's unengaged, uninterested city council member

UPDATED 12 p.m. | See the shorter version of Sergio Has Left The Building video

Sergio Robles has been on the Elk Grove City Council for less than one year. In that short time, Mr. Robles has established a qualifiable low of any city council member in the city's 23-year-plus history.

With only 10 months under his belt, Robles has shown a notable lack of interest and engagement in governance. As you can see from the second video below, Robles was unprepared during a city council meeting not long after he took office.

Worse than being unprepared and uninterested in representing constituents, he has openly displayed boorish, fratboy-like behavior. Robles regularly and proudly displayed videos and images on social media in various stages of intoxication.

The last time Robles was featured in a state of intoxication on social media was on May 20. Not surprisingly, hours later, Robles was found passed out in a vehicle by Elk Grove Police, who arrested him for drunk driving.

In that time, Robles has curtailed posting his drunken exploits on social media. Or at least he has restricted access to his social media accounts.

Despite seemingly going on the wagon, Robles continues his more troubling behavior. Robles is not only uninterested and unengaged with his city council duties, but that behavior has leached into his role on other governmental boards he serves on representing Elk Grove.

It was on display on Wednesday, October 11, as seen in the first video below. On that day, Robles attended a morning Sacramento Regional Sanitation board meeting and, later in the day, the Elk Grove City Council meeting.

An initial view of the San Board meeting made it appear as though he was asleep. After a closer examination and based on input from a studious observer, Robles' head was down because he was texting and showed no interest in the critical matters under deliberation.

Later in the day, Robles attended the Elk Grove City Council meetings. The closed session was between 5 and 6 p.m., and the regular meeting started at 6 p.m. and was over by 7:35.

Inexplicably, Robles left the meeting with only about six minutes remaining. Even Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen seemed surprised.

"And just as a notation, Councilmember Sergio Robles, um...won't be attending the rest of the meeting, so," Singh-Allen said in an exasperated manner, physically telegraphing she did not understand the reason for his departure. 

There could be an explanation for his indifference during the Regional San meeting and leaving early. Perhaps a family emergency caused his disinterest and early departure, which, if was the case, he should not have attended either meeting. 

However, Singh-Allen's exasperation and bewilderment tell another story. Robles has no discernable interest in governing - he's in it for the junkets to Washington DC, New York City, and open bars at every social event he can worm his way into. 

We have a suggestion for the mayor and council members Darren Suen, Rod Brewer, and Kevin Spease. All four of you are in your 50s and have more life and professional experience than Robles and could, as former Elk Grove City Councilmember did for Suen, former Mayor Gary Davis, and Sacramento County Supervisor Pat Hume, provide mentorship.

It's the least they can do for taxpayers to ensure Robles governs and isn't serving on the city council as a gateway for his social life. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Robles started his illustrious career in Elk Grove politics as a member of the esteemed Planning Commission and exhibited the same pattern of behavior back then too. I'm not sure how Rep. Ami Bera discovered this hard charging staffer, but I am convinced that his rise to stardom in Elk Grove politics was because of his connection to Bera. Since Bera serves as a pipeline for sending "free" money back to Elk Grove, Robles is "in like Flint" as long as Bera sits in Washington.

Spoons and Forks said...

The way he is rolling his eyes it looks likes he's needing a drink!

Josie said...

This could possibly be an interaction with some medication he is taking....feeling warm or nauseous.

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