TNR feline advocates continues pressing Elk Grove, call out Councilmember Sergio Robles for taxpayer-paid travel

As they have for over one year, advocates for trap, neuter, and release (TNR) feline programs have pressed the city of Elk Grove for more veterinarian services. With the recent loss of Elk Grove Animal Shelter's staff veterinarian, the TNR advocates have steadily increased pressure on the city (read more about TNR programs here).

The longest portion of the 90-minute Wednesday, October 11, Elk Grove City Council meeting was hearing comments and critiques from the dedicated TNR advocates. The remarks of eight TNR advocates took up about 25 minutes of the meeting.

During their commentary, the advocates noted they have repeatedly urged Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her four councilmen to expand the animal services budget by adding a second staff veterinarian. However, with the loss of the sole veterinarian, the TNR program will be curtailed.

"Things have even gotten worse for our community and feral cats, as you will hear from the other speakers," Estella Drake told Singh-Allen and her city council. "How are we going to hire a dedicated veterinarian when the competition is offering a much more competitive salary, and we are still offering a salary from four years ago."
The speakers said without a staff veterinarian, trappers use other facilities that put their safety at risk. Additionally, they predicted Elk Grove would experience a feral cat population explosion next spring during kitten season and expressed general frustration with Singh-Allen and her councilmen.  

"Remember, we voted you in, we can vote you out," Paula Schliekman said to the mayor and city council. 

Without specifying who, TNR advocate Kim Mendoza said a city council member has not responded to an email requesting information.

"I sent my email concerns, and as expected, I didn't get a response," she said as she looked and pointed toward Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles. "I sent the email to one person this time; I'll forward it to everyone and hoping I will hear back."

As she did last spring in the time leading up to the approval of Elk Grove's 2024 budget (see second video below), Kat Mendoza highlighted the city's discretionary expenditures. Mendoza was tying the expenditures to assertions by the city that there was not enough money to have two staff veterinarians.

Continuing this theme, Ms. Mendoza zeroed in on discretionary taxpayer expenditures made on behalf of Robles, also employed by Congressman Ami Bera. She did not specify if the taxpayer expenditures were paid by city or federal funds.
See the video for her takedown of taxpayer expenditures for Robles. 

This story is to be continued in another installment with a reaction from the Elk Grove city manager.

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Randy Bekker said...

Why should citizens of Elk Grove pay for 20k cats to be fixed to control cat population? Will Elk Grove taxpayers expected to pay for cats outside our area? What will the costs be? How many vet’s will it take to control this out of control animal? Is this the only solution? I think these folks are doing a great service but their expectations are unrealistic. We want a preforming arts center, need lot of affordable housing and more low income housing which will take city monies. We need more jobs to support our local economy. What they want is a big ticket item to the taxpayers of our community.

Juan Trippe said...

The day has come and today is the day I have found common ground with Randy. While we certainly want to treat animals humanely, the city has more pressing needs. When the city opened the shelter, they made promises and raised expectations so much now that pet advocates think they should be the highest on the list.

It would be interesting, however, to find our what the heck Sergio Robles was doing in the Big Apple on our dime.

Renegade said...

Mr. Robles? are you listening to your citizens? We'd like an explanation....and Yes, you owe us one.

Renegade said...

Mr. Robles? are you listening to your citizens? We'd like an explanation....and Yes, you owe us one.

Renegade said...

Mr. Robles? are you listening to your citizens? We'd like an explanation....and Yes, you owe us one.

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