An Insider’s Perspective on Governor Newsom and the State Water Board

A Conversation with Max Gomberg and Peter DrekMeier | 

Via ZOOM, Tuesday, November 28 AT NOON PST. REGISTER | 
In an online discussion with Tuolumne River Trust Policy Director Peter Drekmeier, former State Water Resources Control Board staffer Max Gomberg will discuss the policy missteps and public trust betrayals of the agency and the Newsom administration.

Gomberg, an environmental scientist who served as the Water Conservation and Climate Change Manager at the State Water Board, resigned his position in 2022. He emphasizes his decision to quit wasn’t taken lightly: his resignation came only after he determined the Board and the Newsom administration were avoiding meaningful responses to climate change and undermining initiatives that would ensure water equity for all Californians.

Join Gomberg in a far-ranging discussion about his experiences at the State Water Board, including the resistance he met while advocating for a resilient and fair water policy. Though Gomberg has left state government, he has by no means abandoned the fight to protect California’s public trust resources. He is currently a senior policy advisor and board member of the California Water Impact Network.

Hosted by the Tuolumne River Trust, the event will take place from 12-1pm PST on Tuesday, November 28. Register via Zoom.


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