Value of Sacramento County crops, livestock grew by 5 percent in 2022

Even with the Sacramento region's status as a company town for the state government, there are other significant businesses in the area. Among one of the longstanding sectors in the region and throughout California's Central Valley is agriculture.

A presentation at the November 7 Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting highlighted the economic importance agriculture continues to have in the county. The presentation to the five-member board of supervisors was offered by Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner Chrisandra Flores. 

According to Flores, economic output from several agri sectors grew by five percent to $602 million in 2022, up from $568 million in 2021. 

The largest cash crop continues to win grapes valued at $188 million. For 2021, there are 38,330 acres in wine grape production. 

"Agriculture continues to be a significant contributor to the local economy and plays a crucial role in preserving the region's rural character," Flores said. "The County's diverse agricultural landscape includes farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards and produces crops such as rice, tomatoes, pears, and grapes, as well as dairy and livestock commodities."

Other significant crops in Sacramento County include market milk and pears. Those crops are respectively valued at $91 and $56 million. 

The top 10 crops in Sacraento for 2022 are the following:

1. Wine grapes: $188,815,000
2. Market milk: $91,344,000
3. Pears: $56,313,000 4. Poultry: $32,527,000
5. Aquaculture (bass, carp, catfish, crayfish, sturgeon and caviar): $32,427,000
6. Corn silage: $24,239,000
7. Nursery Stock (ornamental trees and plants, Christmas trees and sod): $22,802,000
8. Hay/Alfalfa: $22,486,000
9. Cattle and calves: $16,747,000
10. Rice: $14,793,000

Photo by Jill Wellington via Pexels

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Juan Trippe said...

If the county included the mayor and spouse's cash crop, that number would be substantially larger!

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