10 Most Popular Elk Grove News Stories July - December 2023

Here are the 10 most popular stores on Elk Grove News between July and December of 2023. 

Among the popular topics were the Oak Rose lawsuit, the delayed opening of Elk Grove's commuter rail station, and the collapse of one of the city's main projects. Also popular was a tribute to a departed trouble and California politician's fall from grace, and the much-hyped relocation of the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove. 

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10. A Tribute to Jimmy Buffet - The Last Troubadour; September 3 - Guest Contribution by Steven M. Lee

As a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s, I had a deep appreciation for the music of that generation, mostly AM standards that were heard repeatedly over the airwaves. I recall hearing “Margaritaville” over and over during the summer of 1977 and recall thinking it was a rather innocuous tune that, while catchy, seemed a bit too commercial for my taste.

9.  Spate of recent Oak Rose lawsuit filings against Elk Grove reveal more details; hearing scheduled this week; December 11

A spate of filings late last week in the lawsuit filed against the city of Elk Grove by the Oak Rose apartment project revealed previously unknown information about the ongoing controversy. Elk Grove was sued last year for alleged violation of state housing laws by Long Beach, Calif.-based Excelerate Housing, the developer of the Oak Rose supportive housing project proposed for Old Town Elk Grove.

8. Judge rules against Elk Grove, Oak Rose can amend lawsuit to include subsequent city council hearings; December 15

In a setback for Elk Grove in its defense of the Oak Rose housing project lawsuit, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Stephen Acquisto granted the plaintiff's motion to file an amended complaint. Acquisto granted the motion this afternoon after a 30-minute hearing. 

7. Elk Grove News Minute - Elk Grove News Minute - Elk Grove City Council members are pissant little politicians, but still role models for our youth; December 23 

6. Opening date of Elk Grove commuter rail station derailed, not scheduled until 2026 at the earliest; December 6 

Riders hoping to utilize Elk Grove's highly anticipated commuter rail station must wait longer to see service. The opening of the proposed commuter rail station on Dwight Road on the city's westside is delayed. Construction of a parking facility and passenger platform on the Union Pacific Sacramento subdivision rail was expected to happen early next year. 

5. Resident asks the crucial question on Elk Grove's proposed zoo - Who Pays? October 25 

One person asked the most crucial question during a presentation that was void of how a $400 million zoo in Elk Grove, Calif., would be financed. That question was, who pays? 

4. Underground utilities to be installed as Elk Grove's Old Town transitions into Gaslamp Quarter-like tourist attraction; December 15

3. Jell-O-spined Kevin McCarthy resigns from Congress: Is his next move in reality TV or another sandwich shop? December 6

In a Shocking! Shocking! development, after being unceremoniously defrocked by his colleagues, Kevin McCarthy, the erstwhile Republican leader from Bakersfield who was so desperate to become Speaker of the House that he practically had "Speaker or Bust" tattooed on his forehead, has announced his resignation from Congress. 

2. Lies by omission - How the Elk Grove City manager, mayor and city council obscured termination of negotiations for Project Elevate 

Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan. 

President John F. Kennedy uttered a version of this famous saying after taking responsibility for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The wisdom of those words is undeniable.

As a companion Elk Grove News story reported, Elk Grove recently suffered a failure. While not catastrophic, it is embarrassing enough for elected officials and bureaucrats to shun it like an unwanted orphan.

We are speaking of the termination of the exclusive negotiation agreement (ENA) the city had with internationally renowned real estate developer Hines Interests. The Houston-based developer terminated its ENA City on May 15.

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1. Project Elevate negotiations collapse, Hines Interests terminates agreement with Elk Grove; August 22

With an extensive media blitz one year ago, the city of Elk Grove announced it had selected an internationally renown developer to formulate plans for the city's much-hyped Project Elevate. The project, proposed for a 20-acre taxpayer-owned parcel on Elk Grove Boulevard, is meant to be a mixed-use development including high-end shopping, dining, office, and lodging amenities.

One year later, the reports from the public relations department, if there were to be any, would not paint such a glowing picture.  


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