Resident demands Elk Grove City Council adopt resolution calling for Palestine cease-fire

As has happened across the country since the October 7 invasion of Israel by Hamas, people opposed to the violence against Palestinian civilians are making demands of elected officials. Although an international affair, demands for a cease-fire resolution are also appearing before municipal governments.

Speaking during public comment on non-agenda items, Mr. Ahmed Rageib, noting the emotional nature of the conflict and calling the death of people in Gaza a genocide, demanded Elk Grove adopt a resolution calling for a cease-fire. The demand was made during the Wednesday, December 13 Elk Grove City Council meeting.

After citing the casualties inflicted on Israeli and Palestinian civilians, Rageib pivoted to the recent United Nations General Assembly vote calling for a cease-fire in the conflict. He expressed disappointment with the United States vote against the cease-fire. 

"Just yesterday, out of 193 countries, 153 voted for a complete cease-fire and for unconditional humanitarian aid to go into Gaza," he said. "Ten countries voted against it, 153 countries, out of those 10 countries, the U.S. was one of them. It was a very shameful act, unfortunately."

Proceeding, Rageib requested the city adopt a resolution as other cities have calling for an immediate cease-fire.

"We demand the city of Elk Grove adopt a resolution to express the sentiment of the Elk Grove citizens," he stated. 

Since the request was made on an agenda item, the city council did not respond, nor did they say they would consider an action. However, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen appeared taken aback by the demand.

"Wow, ok," Singh-Allen said after hearing the demand. 

See Mr. Rageib's entire commentary in the video. 

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Gregory Jones said...

The Feds have the responsibility and authority over that. By all means, contact your **Federal** officials/ representatives and tell them.

Elk Grove has plenty of stuff that the City Council has control/ authority/ responsibility for -- without spending 9wasting?) time on empty symbolic theatrics.

Take a Civics class (if you can find one).

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