Different Styles of Leadership - How two high-level Elk Grove-based elected officials use social media

California Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen (left) and Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen use social media in different manners, reflecting their style of leadership and services to constituents. | 

21st-century politicians are bound to social media like a 19th-century cowboy coming into town to a whorehouse - there is just no separating the two given the opportunity. 

For modern politicians, that opportunity arises often. How they use social media can reveal much about the character of an elected official.

An Elk Grove News reader noted the differences in the use of social media, specifically Facebook, by two Elk Grove-based elected officials. Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and California Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen are those two officeholders. 

Our reader sent an email titled "Different styles of leadership," highlighting recent Facebook posts by Singh-Allen and Nguyen. Let's take a look at some of their recent Facebook entries.

Bobbie Singh-Allen

The mayor has a penchant for posting selfies taken with other highly-recognized officials. This form of name-dropping most recently showed the Mayor with Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho.  


Here is another example of Singh-Allen with two of her city councilmen, Rod Brewer and Darren Suen.

To be sure, not all of the mayor's Facebook entries are self-centered. Ms. Singh-Allen will acknowledge certain dates and events, as evidenced by this Christmas Day post.

In the aggregate, when Singh-Allen isn't posting self-centered selfies, she'll post things that paint herself favorably. She has little concern about constituent services. 

Stephanie Nguyen

The first term Assemblymember also uses Facebook, albeit with self-restraint. To be sure, Ms. Nguyen will post group pictures of herself with others at functions, but many of her Facebook entries focus on constituent services.

Below are some recent Facebook posts from Ms. Nguyen. Not only do these posts highlight services from the state, but they also highlight services offered by Elk Grove, something Ms. Singh-Allen has ignored.

Lest we be accused of being sycophants for Assemblymember Nguyen, let's never forget she, too, is an elected official and will be called out when the action warrants. Nonetheless, Ms. Nguyen's use of Facebook is done to help constituents, while Ms. Singh-Allen is nothing more than a device of self-aggrandizing.

Their handling of Facebook posts tells you a lot about two of the highest Elk Grove-based elected officials.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I pity the poor souls who stumble into Mayor Bobbie's selfie stick zone, especially if they are ripe specimens for her mayor endorsement list. By the way, according to guinessworldrecords.com, the longest selfie stick measures 59.05 ft and was achieved by Sky Climbers (Qatar) in Doha, Qatar, on 19 September 2017. Can we set a new world's record in the Grove?

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