Financial terms of Oak Rose lawsuit should be fully disclosed, Elk Grove City Council told

Elk Grove resident Lynn Wheat told Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her city council to fully disclose details of the impending Oak Rose lawsuit settlement. |

Even though the Oak Rose "settlement in principle" hearing was delayed again during the January 24 Elk Grove City Council meeting, public comment was heard. 

Speaking to Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her four city councilmen was Elk Grove resident Lynn Wheat. During her comments, Ms. Wheat urged the mayor and city council to disclose all of the financial details of the impending settlement. 

Wheat said that information "should be made public, not held behind some legal mumble jumble."

The hearing on the Oak Rose project was rescheduled to the Wednesday, February 28, city council meeting. During that meeting, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen is expected to announce the settlement of the lawsuit the city is defending by Long Beach, Calif.-based Excelerate Housing, the Oak Rose supportive housing developer. 

The city has already said they offered a land swap. The city is willing to give Excelerate two parcels on Elk Grove-Florin Road valued at over $2 million for their Old Town parcel on Elk Grove Boulevard valued at $875,000, along with other financial enticements. 

Wheat commented during a public hearing, and the mayor, city council, or city staff could have engaged and responded to the inquiry. Instead, they did not comment on whether they would willingly disclose the taxpayers' cost for the anticipated settlement.

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Renegade said...

This boon-doggle will certainly cost this town MILLIONS OF DOLLARS once it's finalized. Every dollar paid out will be from Elk Grove tax monies collected from Elk Grove tax payers. We need to know the terms and the costs related to this settlement. This council talks about offering "transparency" and honesty. Show your constituency your honest and open. Put our money where your mouth is. Disclose the settlement terms once this is settled. To do otherwise, would be disingenuous, and wreak of dishonesty and unaccountability. It's okay to make a mistake, is not okay to cover it up due to your narcissistic desires for self-preservation as a public official.

Steve L said...

Yes, full disclosure of the terms of settlement are certainly warranted here. This highly contested item requires complete and full transparency. I’m certain this Mayor and council will do the right thing and disclose all terms once a settlement is reached. Anything less would be unacceptable to voters.

Randy Bekker said...

Yup with measure E money, having bigger property to be able to house more. Maybe even build affordable housing for others. I could see a new calibration between the city and EHG. Looks to be a winning opportunity. How magical it would be if this could cure Elk Grove’s affordable housing issues. Based off Measure E it even has community oversight. What a great idea instead of hiding behind SB 35 language that can harm communities. Now let’s get busy spending the money to get this project built. Starbucks anyone?

Elk Grove News said...

Send me an email, and I'll be happy to meet for a coffee. DG

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