Few consequential races for Elk Grove voters on 2024 California primary ballot

Even though 2024 is a presidential election year, for Elk Grove voters, there are few consequential races on their March primary ballot. 

Starting at the top, barring some unforeseen events, Joe Biden will run for a second term against Donald Trump, who is seeking a second non-sequential term. Nationally, the 2024 presidential primary season has been anti-climatic.

As a California general law city, Elk Grove has no candidates on the ballot. Additionally, there are local measures on the March ballot. 

In November, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and District 1 and District 3 city councilmen Darren Suen and Kevin Spease will seek reelection. None of the three have declared opponents. 

For the legislative offices, Elk Grove voters will vote for the California Assembly District 10 candidates, incumbent Democrat Stephanie Nguyen and Republican challenger Vinaya Singh. Given these are the only two candidates and they will automatically advance to November, neither has actively campaigned.

The most significant legislative office for Elk Grove voters is the contest to replace the late Diane Feinstein in the U.S. Senate. There are four leading candidates vying to advance to the November election - Democrats Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Republican Steve Garvey. 

Sacramento County voters will also have the opportunity to vote on a Sacramento Superior Court judge. Three people are seeking the vacancy that was not filled by a gubernatorial appointment - Noel Calvillo, Any Holliday, and Bobby Luna.  

Aside from the U.S. Senate and Sacramento Superior Court contests, California voters have one significant ballot measure, Proposition 1. According to Ballotpedia.org, "The Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure seeks "$6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance use challenges; provides housing for the homeless." 

While the 2024 primary season in California and Elk Grove is sedate, the November elections will be highlighted by the race for the U.S. Senate race. The statewide race for president shows Biden the clear leader, and local races for the California Assembly District 10, Elk Grove City Council, Elk Grove Unified School District, and Cosumnes Community Services District should see incumbents easily win reelection.  

Photo by Element5 Digital via Pexels

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