EGUSD Area 7 candidate Heidi Moore ramps up fundraising operation

A candidate for the Elk Grove Unified School Unified School District Board of Trustees has ramped up their campaign operation as they challenge a three-term incumbent.

Area 7 candidate Heidi Moore, who declared her candidacy early this year, has posted her fundraising goal on her Instagram feed. Moore is challenging incumbent Carmine Forcina.

Moore has set a monthly fundraising goal of $1,250 in "private donations." She has raised $465 as of yesterday, accounting for 37 percent of the goal. 

Although Moore has filed her candidacy papers, she has not yet been required a California Form 460, which details campaign contributions. 

Forcina, first elected in 2012, ran unopposed in 2020 and has not actively raised campaign funds. His current California Form 460, filed on March 3 (past the January 31 deadline), shows a cash balance of $2,967. 

Interestingly, Forcina agreed with some of the positions Moore advocated during her frequent appearances at trustee meetings (see video below), which put him at odds with a majority of his colleagues. Moore and others said certain books with LGBQT+ themes in district school libraries are phonographic.  

In recent meetings, Moore, who resides in the portion of the EGUSD in Rancho Cordova, has been pressing for secondary school facilities in that portion of the district.  

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