Bad timing for Easter, Transgender Visibility turn Elk Grove's acknowledgments into a dumpster fire of misunderstanding

UPDATED March 31 10 a.m. | 

Call it a case of coincidentally unfortunate timing.

In 2025, Christians' most hallowed celebration of Easter, which is different every year, will fall on the same day as the internationally observed Transgender Day of Visibility - March 31. 

As part of their standard practice, on Saturday, March 30, this year one day before the celebration, the city of Elk Grove posted a social media acknowledgment about the transgender event. Of note, last year, the city posted an acknowledgment on the day of the event, March 31.

When the transgender posting was made last year, there were seven comments, all of which thanked the city for recognizing the day. This year, let's just say comments on the city's Facebook and Instagram pages weren't as receptive.

As of Saturday afternoon, there were 148 likes and 154 comments/engagements. Not all of the comments and engagements were positive.

Some commenters seemed to have misinterpreted the city's post about the transgender celebration. They perceived it as the city was acknowledging the transgender celebration instead of Easter. 

However, based on the city's past activities, it is clear that last year's Easter acknowledgment was posted on Easter Sunday. A city official confirmed this afternoon the city will, as expected, make social media postings acknowledging Easter Sunday. 

Despite the intention to separate the two celebrations on stand alone days, many commenters took issue with the city's transgender posting. Here is the city's Instgram posting:

For those who are not registered on Instagram, below is a sampling of comments from detractors and defenders of the city's posting. As is typical on social media, many of the comments became personal.


This comment defending the city's transgender acknowledgement generated many replies, many condemning the city. 

Some participants pointed out that Easter is on a different day every year, while the transgender day is always March 31. 

Not surprisingly, many of the comments delved into heated political discourse typical of the so-called culture wars. We have omitted these conversations, but they can be viewed on the city's social media pages. 

So as you go about your activities tomorrow March 31, whether you celebrate Christianity's most hallowed day Easter Sunday, the dignity of all people on Transgender Day of Visibility, both, or neither, we certainly hope you have a wonderful day.

We'll leave with this comment from someone trying to bridge the differences. 

UPDATE - The city of Elk Grove posted this easter message earlier this morning.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

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Golden Skillet said...

I could have sworn we were a “compassionate” city. But post like this show how backwards the majority of residents are. If they don’t like the poor and needy moving into old town, they definitely won’t like the trans community!

CCO_EG said...

This wasn’t the only tragedy - How dare the Sacramento Kings host “Hello Kitty” night on the day Jesus has risen.

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