Elk Grove State of the City 'Movie' social media post backfires - Mission: Possible or Cruella de Vil?

Sometimes, the best promotional intentions backfire badly. Today, the city of Elk Grove posted a promotion for Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen's state-of-the-city address, which has been a fund-raising event for the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce. .

The main photo for the annual address features a less-than-approachable picture of the mayor with a riff on the Mission Impossible movie franchise. Called Mission Possible, the event will be held on March 29. While it will be streamed at taxpayers' expense, in-person attendance will cost $55.

The reception on Instagram was less than receptive.

Here are screenshots of some of the comments that portrayed the event as inhospitable to working people and taxpayers and as "typical liberal" dogma while taxpayers recover from the recent bouts of inflation. One person even noted that the mayor should smile instead of looking like the movie villain Cruella de Vil. 

Even though the city tried defending the mayor and the event, people were not buying what was being sold. Below are some scorching comments directed at the mayor and the event. 

Better luck next time Mayor Singh-Allen and the city hall crew! 

For those registered on Instagram, the city's posted can be viewed here.  

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Golden Skillet said...

Hey BSA! What’s with the Tony Soprano pose? Are you gonna send the EG crew to collect your payments? Fuhgedabout!

Sid Vicious said...

I don't think the mayor got them memo that she wasn't striking a serious pose. She looks downright mean!

Sid Vicious said...

The mayor looks downright mean. So much for Elk Grove being a welcoming city!

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