New Zoo at Elk Grove webinar financing meeting via Zoom

On Wednesday, April 17, the city of Elk Grove held a meeting to provide additional information on financing the Sacramento Zoo relocation project. 

The Elk Grove City Council will formally approve the $302 million project on May 8, 2024. 

Elk Grove City Clerk Jason Lindgren conducted the Zoom meeting. Panelists from the city of Elk Grove included city manager Jason Behrmann, innovations czar and zoo relocation project manager Christopher Jordan, finance manager Matt Paulin, and Sacramento Zoological Society director Jason Jacobs. 

After hearing Jordan's overview presentation, a participant question-and-answer period was held. Lindgren received the questions and interpreted them for the panelists. 

According to Lindgren, over 200 people registered for the meeting. However, during the two-hour session, only 40 to 60 people participated at any one time. 

Jordan said city staff felt the Zoom environment was more conducive to public participation. The public did not have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the panelists. 

A complete story on the question and answer session will be posted tomorrow. 

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Postone said...

The real animals are the people who would cage a wild animal for their personal amusement!

In this day and age, you can watch any number of video's of any animal you wish to see in their natural habitat, almost anywhere in the world. Why, would we need to lock them up, and for what purpose?

I hope these wild animals maul these sick individuals to death!

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