Western Festival organizers respond to cancellation, suggest CCSD Directors are puppets of administrators

'Is this CSD board a representation of the people of Elk Grove or are they just puppets of their administration'

Although it it unlikely to resurrect Elk Grove's 2024 Western Festival, organizers of the longtime event posted a response to the Cosumnes Community Services District's cancellation of the event. The festival was scheduled for the first weekend in May at Elk Grove Regional Park. 

The response was post on the Western Festival's website and Instagram account. The organizers pulled no punches in their critique of the CCSD

Below is what was said on Instagram:

"This was our response: The Elk Grove Western Festival board is made up of volunteers, none of us are getting paid. Elk Grove as a community does not deserve the cancellation of this event that has been going on for over 60 years. We need the CSD to help us finish putting this event together, not shutting it down. Our insurance company has been working with the CSD the past week to get the wording correct, so it makes no sense for the CSD administration to do this to the Elk Grove Community. The way the Western Festival Board has been treated this year has been very upsetting, we get deadlines for new paper work that we have never ever had in the past. Is this CSD board a representation of the people of Elk Grove or are they just puppets of their administration. I’m also on the Strauss Festival Board, I started and keep the Red White and Blue fireworks show going, I put on the Veterans Parade, and I put on the Holiday of Lights Parade. I am appalled at the email that your administration sent out to the Elk Grove Community today over a signature on the insurance paperwork. Think about what this does to this community and the parade." ~Lynden King

Two sources familiar with large event planning told Elk Grove News in the aftermath of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shootings insurance and security standards have become increasingly stringent.  

Photo above by 
Min Thein

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Randy Bekker said...

What did CCSD do to alert the public of concerns and issues a few months ago? Did they contact EGN? The Elk Grove Citizen to discuss their concerns? Who at CCSD is in charge or was working with the Western Festival organizers? Why didn’t CCSD help or step up for the community to assist the Western Festival Organizers. The community is out raged because at the last moment this tradition is stopped by CCSD pulling out. They own the community an investigation into the entire process and the community needs to be made aware who and why CCSD failed the community. We are blaming CCSD as they are full aware in what is needed since they put on community events already. We want answers!

Sid Vicious said...

Maybe the city and the CCSD conspired and used this as an excuse to permanently "cancel" the Western Festival.

Deejay Blutarsky said...

Maybe they should have changed the name to the Zoo Festival and it would have been a slam dunk, with state and federal grants flowing from all directions and press releases sent out to all of the TV stations.

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