Madame Mayor: Dead Soldiers Don't Vote I Guess, And They Won't See You At The Nordstrom Rack Either

By D.J. Blutarsky | Guest Contributor | 

As a veteran who served during peacetime, I am keenly aware of the bravery of those soldiers who served before and after me to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. Another Memorial Day has passed and I was struck that our Mayor who often refers to Elk Grove as "her city", was apparently AWOL when it came to attending any event honoring our fallen heroes and Elk Grove should be ashamed that its 'leader' was apparently a Memorial Day no-show

Mayor Bobbie Singh Allen's social media posted the obligatory graphic and a couple generic paragraphs remembering our fallen soldiers, but unlike her past addictions to self-promoting selfies, the Mayor apparently decided to give her camera the day off on Memorial Day. I guess dead soldiers don't vote.

But today, the Mayor's social media has revved up and was kicked into high gear! Earlier today she posted about saving the date for the grand opening of the Nordstrom Rack store on May 30th at 9am, but oh goodie, she says she will be there at 8am to greet everyone! And later in the day, she posted a short video of her attending a special VIP tour of the store!

It's all about priorities I guess. Even though dead soldiers don't vote, thank you Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen for attending the 24th annual Reading of the Names and remembering our fallen Vietnam soldiers. Sorry Bobbie, our fallen soldiers will be unable to visit with you at the Nordstrom Rack.

Photo by Chris F via Pexels

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Steve L said...

And yet again Madame Mayor displays her shallowness and lack of appreciation for those who gave their lives so that she can shop. It is a good thing for her that our dead heroes can’t vote. Our veterans and their families can though.

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