Elk Grove News Podcasts - Residents express dismay over Western Festival cancelation during CCSD meeting

Elk Grove resident Brian Coulson was one of four people discussing the Western Festival cancelation during the Cosumnes Community Services District Board of Directors meeting. |

Check back here tomorrow for a companion story on public comment during the CCSD meeting on the cancelation of the Western Festival. |

In late April 2024, some long time Elk Grove residents were hit with news that struck them like a thunderbolt.

That news was that Elk Grove’s oldest event, the Western Festival was canceled. The announcement came from the Cosumnes Community Services District, the CCSD.

Some long time residents took to social media and expressed frustration and dismay for the cancelation and urged people to express their frustration during a public meeting of the CCSD.

On this edition of Elk Grove News podcast we’ll hear from four people who showed up at the Cosumnes Community Services District Board of Directors on Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 and spoke about their dissatisfaction with the cancelation.

The speakers you will hear in order are Lynden King, Brian Coulson, Randy Bekker and a person who did not identify themselves, and CCSD Board Chair Jim Luttrel. You will also hear additional comments from Mr. Coulson.

The public speakers can be heard at these markers.

Lynden King  - 2:09

Brian Coulson = 5:24

Randy Bekker - 8:48

Unidentified speaker - 12:39

Listen Time 19 minute 30 seconds   

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Sid Vicious said...

Doesn't look like they got as many people to show up as they hoped for.

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