Elk Grove City Council meeting, June 26, 2024

The Elk Grove City Council was criticized for breaking the SB 35 fair housing laws. Those comments 
can be seen in the video posted for this story. | 

On Wednesday, June 26, the Elk Grove City Council held its 12th meeting of 2024. The meeting lasted a little over two hours.

Among the actions taken by the city council was the approval of Elk Grove's fiscal year 2025 budget and capital improvement plan. The city council also authorized the city manager to execute a cost-sharing agreement with the Sacramento Zoological Society for Phases 1A and 1B of the new zoo at Elk Grove Project.

Of note, the city council held a 15-minute recess because of technical difficulties. That segment was not included in the video, as a blank screen was the only visible item.

Check back tomorrow for stories on public comment and the city council's actions.

00:00:00 Opening statement of Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen out of closed session
00:02:24 Land Acknowledgement statement Vice Mayor Rod Brewer
00:04:13 Agenda Item 4.1 Proclamation recognizing June 2024 as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month
00:16:55 Agenda Item 4.2 Civic Summer Presentation
00:31:25 Public comment on non-agenda items
00:44:06 Statement by Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen on Coral Blossom supportive affordable housing project on Elk Grove-Florin Road
00:46:57 City manager Jason Behrman's administrative and social calendar report
00:51:56 Consent calendar
00:52:25 Agenda Item 8.1 Public hearing to consider a resolution approving the Report of Delinquent Public Nuisance Abatement
00:54:56 Agenda Item 8.2 Public Hearing to consider a resolution determining to levy street maintenance assessments in Street Maintenance District No. 1 Zone 3-AP Sidewalk Repair Costs
00:58:04 Agenda Item 8.3 Public Hearing to consider a resolution adopting the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2024-25
01:03:39 Agenda Item 9.1 Consider a resolution adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2024-25
01:07:37 Recess to fix technical problems
01:08:46 Agenda Item 9.2 Consider a resolution 1) authorizing the City Manager to execute a Cost Sharing Agreement with the Sacramento Zoological Society for Phases 1A and 1B of the New Zoo at Elk Grove Project
01:32:23 Agenda Item 9.3 Receive a presentation on City of Elk Grove Noise Standards and provide direction as appropriate
01:59:52 City Council comment, future agenda items
02:03:34 Singing of Happy Birthday to city council member

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