Rancho Cordova City Council criticized, mocked for inaction on proposed Gaza cease-fire resolution

Dressed in costume meant to resemble a watermelon, Folsom resident Jessa Rego mocked and 
criticized the Rancho Cordova City Council during their Monday, June 3, 2024 meeting. | 

During their June 3, 2024 meeting, the Rancho Cordova City Council was mocked and criticized for inaction on a citizen-proposed Gaza cease-fire resolution. Four speakers made their remarks during during public comment on non-agenda items.

The first speaker was Folsom resident Jessa Rego, who appeared in a costume resembling a slice of watermelon. The watermelon, with red, black, white, and green - the colors of the Palestinian flag - was adopted as a symbol of Palestine during times when the flag was banned.  

Noting that the city council has ignored their request for a resolution calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza war, Rego said she decided to wear the costume because of the city council members' positive reaction when speakers appeared at earlier meetings in Star Wars costumes. Rego started her commentary by playing music from her phone. 

"The last time I was here, I noticed the council was much more interested in two adults who came in in stormtrooper costumes and played music from Star Wars, the Imperial March," she said. "So I wondered if costumes and music were perhaps what I needed to get some more attention to this extremely important emergency issue." 

Rego was followed by Amoriya Perez, who called the war genocide and said the Rancho Cordova community has a responsibility to adopt a cease-fire resolution and divestment. She also said she and others would continue to pursue their goals by appearing at city council meetings. 

"I am here to make you a promise," Perez stated. "If our efforts are not taken seriously, this city hall will look like the one in Sacramento in a very short time." 

She added, "We are watching you very closely, and we will wait to see where your priorities lie."

During several meetings this year, Sacramento City Council members faced protesters demanding action on a cease-fire resolution. Sacramento finally adopted a resolution during a turbulent city council meeting on March 19.   

Fauziya Faruk spoke on behalf of the Council on American Islamic Relations. In her remarks, Ms. Faruk said the conflict affects many Rancho Cordova residents, many of whom have familial ties there, and urged the city council to adopt a cease-fire resolution.

"This conflict impacts us here in Rancho Cordova, not just overseas," she said. "The trauma and anxiety felt by our residents call for our council's urgent response." 

Faruk also called on Rep. Ami Bera (D - CA 7) to take a stand on the issue.

"We must also strengthen our advocacy by urging Congressman Ami Bera to reflect our community's dedication to peace and human rights in his legislative agenda," she said.

Sarah Alzanoon was the last speaker, and she told the city council that 56 members of her family had lost their lives because of the conflict. One of the 56 who perished was a one-year-old named Yasin Alzanoon.  

"My family is in pieces and my heart will remain in pieces," she told the city council.

The city council did not respond to any of the comments. 

Watch the entire commentary in the video. 

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