Big Sign Would Set Another Bad Precedent For Elk Grove

Developer says lack of huge sign is a "stumbling block" to fast food, gas station developm...

Developer says lack of huge sign is a "stumbling block" to fast food, gas station development

At the last Elk Grove City Council meeting developer Gil Moore pitched his idea for a big sign on Sheldon Road near Highway 99.

Moore said his 13,000-plus square foot development has run into a "stumbling block" - city ordinances blocking an offsite monument sign.

After watching the video, this whole deal is like a houseguest who has overstayed their welcome - its beginning to smell real fishy.

To start with this was first brought to the public's attention on March 28. Low and behold, in less than six-and-half business days, the item was on the agenda with a staff report.

It is possible that the planning department staff rushed this report through, but it seems like unlikely. Could this have been wired ahead of time?

As for dangling the carrot that the project will create up to 180 full and part time jobs, are we as a city going to permit ourselves to be whored out for 180 fast food jobs for some huge sign that creates a big eyesore? Lets hope this is not the type of development that the city is paying Randy Starbuck a six-figure income to attract to our city.

Will the developer really not go forward without the big sign in place? Really?

This sounds like an idle threat. The monument sign would probably allow them to collect bigger rents and if they don't get it, it would be surprising if they pulled the plug on the project.

Interestingly, the huge offsite Broadstone sign along Highway 50 in Folsom was cited as an example of how their sign might look. That sign had to be fully netted because it instantly became a pigeon magnet.

Not only would we have a some huge sign become a sort of landmark telling people they have "arrived" in Elk Grove, it has the added benefit of becoming a roosting spot for pigeons.

Do we really care if McDonald's and Arco have a 10 percent higher profit margins because their name is blasted from some overbearing monument sign? Who is the sign ordinance designed for anyway - residents of Elk Grove seeking a relieve from our existing visual blight or franchisees of big multi-national corporations?

As a side note, there is a sign posted on the site that discloses the Arco AM/PM seeks an off-site alcohol sales license. Great just what we need - a gas station along Highway 99 selling quarts of beer and Thunderbird.

Nothing says class when you enter a city than having an AM/PM selling booze. We're sure CHP, the ABC and MADD are supportive of this.

Not matter how you try to spin it, this sign is a bad idea plain and simple.

We hope the city council can stick by the ordinances and not grant Moore the exception that is his "stumbling block." Doing so would be yet another in a long series of exceptions being made for developers.

And that is a bad precedent.

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