UPDATED 6/16/2014
California FPPC Recommends $1,500 Fine on Elk Grove Council Member

June 9, 2014 | UPDATED  June 16 - Correction posted in blue The California Fair Political Practices Commission will recommend a $1,50...

June 9, 2014 | UPDATED  June 16 - Correction posted in blue

The California Fair Political Practices Commission will recommend a $1,500 fine for a current member of the Elk Grove City Council.

According to the FPPC's agenda for their June 19 meeting, the recommended fine will be imposed on Council Member Steve Detrick. The item, which is placed on the agenda's consent calendar under the personal use of campaign funds heading, says the fine is recommended on the second-term council member for using "campaign funds for personal purposes, by expending approximately $425 in campaign funds at a charity auction to purchase a one night hotel stay and wine tasting, in violation of Government Code Section 89515." 

The FPPC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 19 in Sacramento. FPPC guidelines states that with a few exceptions, imposed fines cannot be paid for by a campaign's committee funds.

UPDATE Correction - According to FPPC Communications Director Jay Wieranga, a fine can be paid out of an elected official's campaign funds according to California Code, Section 89513 and 89514.  

In our original posting we used the following from Sec. 89513, c (1)(2) that reads as follows:

(c) Campaign funds shall not be used to pay or reimburse fines, penalties, judgments, or settlements, except those resulting from either of the following:
(1) Parking citations incurred in the performance of an activity that was directly related to a political, legislative, or governmental purpose.
(2) Any other action for which payment of attorney's fees from contributions would be permitted pursuant to this title.

We apologize for the error. 

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Robin Hood said...

He ain't no Robin Hood, he took from the poor and gave it to himself.

Snapper Foster said...

Like Sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives...

Nikki said...

Snapper, you've got your soap operas mixed up. It's Young and the Restless. He ain't young, but he may be restless.

Snapper Foster said...

Oops, a senior moment for me, actually I wanted to be on General Hospital but that twerp Luke kept me off!

Nikki said...

Yep, I think we're showing our age! I ain't a spring chicken anymore.

George Washington said...

Mr. Detrick issued a written statement to the press stating emphatically that any allegations against him were completely false.

What is the good council member's statement now?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Detrick needs to resign. He's caused so much turmoil and dissention in his term. Now, it's been confirmed he illegally used his campaign funds for personal use.

Enough already. Please step aside. We need someone with proper morals and honesty to serve our city. You, Mr. Detrick, have breached our trust and have been proven unworthy of your position.

Roman Brady said...

What else about Detrick's statement regarding this matter is untrue? He said the complaints filed against him by the four ladies would be proven to be false. Well, it looks like the first complaint has been proven to be true....I guess we've got 100 plus more to go (he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek). 2016 we get to vote Detrick out of office.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems like Mr. Detrick has failed to meet the standards set forth in the Elk Grove Ethics clause on the city's website. Unfortunately, I see no remedy for violating the clause. Seems there is no teeth written into it. If he is such a moral and ethical person, he would resign his position based on his failure to abide by the city's non-binding ethical standards. Why have such a standard if no one abides by it. I guess it supposed to give us a warm and fuzzy feeling we have such a clause, but seemingly these guys laugh all the way to the bank. Mr. Detrick, I haven't heard your catch phase in some time...you know the one...honesty, integrity and morality. Guess you need a new catch phase. You seem to have fallen so far from where you once began. I am so sad to have seen this slow metamorphic change in you. It just dishearten me to no end.

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