Elk Grove Mayor to Participate in 'Building our Region' Symposium

October 16, 2014 | Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis will be a panelist on a symposium sponsored by Region Builder tomorrow morning in D...

October 16, 2014 |

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis will be a panelist on a symposium sponsored by Region Builder tomorrow morning in Downtown Sacramento.

The symposium, titled "Building Our Region - Prioritizing Transportation Infrastructure" will feature keynote speakers Will Kempton, Executive Director, Transportation California and Dr. Sanjay Varshney, PhD. Panelist for the discussion that will be moderated by former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Tim Murphy include Davis, Folsom City Council Member Jeff Starsky, Rancho Cordova City COuncil Member David Sander, Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan and El Dorado County Supervisor Ron Mikulako.

The event, which is sponsored by GC Delta-Sierra Chapter, Laborers Local 185, Quincy Engineering, Dokken Engineering, Region Builders, Inc., Miller & Owen, SBM Corp, Ironworkers Local 118, Operating Engineers Local 3. will be held from 7:30 to 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Sutter Club located at 1220 9th St. Tickets are $25.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting with that line up of elected officials and the moderator, Davis was invited to join. Davis doesn't do well on a panelist setting as he isn't the most well spoken and has a tendency to stammer a bit. I guess Hume was busy!

Anonymous said...

There's a name from the past Tim Murphy. As the saying went, "So goes Leary, so goes Murphy." I hope this isn't the start of his comeback into the public arena and he will try and run for city council if Cooper wins the Assembly race.

Murphy is another Pat Hume and that is the last thing we need on the Elk Grove City Council!

Sarah Johnson said...

Surprising that Davis was asked to participate because he has been an utter failure at transportation infrastructure planning. Yes, the lineup is heavily pro automobile/big oil advocates and absent public transit advocates. Will be interested to see the results of this meeting.

Warren Buffet said...

Region Builders is putting this on! Talk about the fox guarding the hen-house. It's all about rooftops with those guys and their PAC has padded many a campaign warchest in the region, Elk Grove included. Ever wonder why and how all these construction impact fees on developers continue to be lowered, even though our city says they have no money to repair our streets?

Kinda funny though, the Mayor of West Sacramento was quoted in the press recently saying they don't want Region Builders in their city and they are doing just fine without them. Come to think of it, West Sacramento is landing major jobs, raised developer fees so the taxpayers don't have to subsidize the developers, and also have campaign finance reform on the books.

Enjoy the symposium!

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor,

Please support "High Speed Light Rail" (express trains). Downtown Sacramento workers would like to take the train from CRC and not make 15 stops through South Sac to get to their downtown offices. If not, they'll continue to drive. Light rail has too many underutilized stops slowing down the commute times and therefore making driving the attractive alternative.

Anonymous said...

There is no possible High Speed Light Rail unless another parallel track is built to bypass the trains running every 15 minutes into Sac. The ride is actually very pleasant from Meadowview (at this point) and does not take long. The ride from CRC, when completed, will need to be compared, timewise, with a commute by car. Light rail is so pleasant and relaxing, passengers read, listen to music or do other things. The stops go by quickly, and there certainly are not 15 before reaching downtown!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 19:29. I'm pro public transit and use it from time to time but the reality is Light Rail is too slow. When the extension to CRC is completed it will be 16 stops between CRC and K Street. Look at number of stops between Folsom and Downtown it's even worse at 25. Sorry but most downtown workers from Elk Grove won't spend 15 minutes driving to CRC, parking, waiting 3-5 min for the next train, riding the train for 35 minutes (it's 24 min from Meadowview), then walking to their office. That's approx 60 minutes door to desk. Driving in traffic on 99 takes me 35-40 min. They need to shave some time off the train ride to compete with cars.

You don't need to pass another train in order to run express trains. Have two trains leave the station one after the other. The first is an express and skips most of the stops maybe stopping at Florin and SCC. By the time it reaches downtown it could be on the heels of the non-express train that left CRC 15 minutes earlier. Cut the commute from 60 to 45 min and light rail becomes a viable alternative for those with the means to drive.

lynn said...

To above. I agree. I like light rail and prefer to take it downtown. I cannot wait until it opens at crc! Bike to light rail, train downtown for music, food and fun along the river.

Anonymous said...

The picture in this post makes the Mayor look like Eddie Munster.

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