Ly Focuses on Endorsements For Two Mailers in Elk Grove City Council Race

October 16, 2014 | Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly's two most recent mailers uses endorsements to help his ...

October 16, 2014 |

Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly's two most recent mailers uses endorsements to help his candidacy.

In a mailer received in the 95624 zip code, Ly uses his experience as a teacher at the Sacramento County Juvenile Detention facility. The endorsement comes from a former student who says "Mr. Ly never stopped believing in me and showed all of us we had more to offer."

The mailer does not specifically say anything about his positions regarding city issues, but the student endorsement ends with a P.S. that says "It would be cool to see Mr. Ly on the City Council."

The other mail that came last week and was dropped in the 95757 zip code, was more politically direct. This mailer came with a full-throated endorsement from Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis.

The mailer is a direct appeal to voters from Davis saying Ly is the person who will help him solve the city's well-documented houses-to-jobs imbalance. In his endorsement Davis says:

 "Throughout his sixteen years in Elk Grove, Steve Ly has proven he is the type of partner I need in city hall. Steve will work hard to help me recruit new businesses to Elk Grove."

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Anonymous said...

Steve Ly, a teacher? I don't think he is a "credentialed" teacher of any school subjects, but then again, you don't need to be "credentialed" to work with kids and teach them about life and the will to succeed. I guess there is no one who is "credentialed" at life.

Good for you, Steve. Anything that improves a young person's life is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

"It would be cool to see My Ly on the city council"?? Great quote from a teen ager who isn't politically astute or even old enough to vote. THIS IS NOT A PUBLICITY CONTEST PEOPLE. Don't foolishly cast your vote until you've done your homework. Find out Ly's position on issues that are important to you. What is his stance on the SOI? What is his stance on using 6 million dollars of borrowed money to lure a MLS team to EG? What about revenue bonds? IS he for or against them? does he know how they work? I have heard Mr Ly attempt to answer most of these my opinion, he has only very cursory knowledge of these issues. Also, it appears he is Gary Davis' lap dog. Something I am not interested in. People, take 30 minutes; do your research; take give away your vote based on glossy flyers or mailers. Many times they claim the world and deliver much less.

Anonymous said...

While Mr. Lys work with the young is great, I'm unsure how that experience will be a benefit when working with the big dogs. This is far from the kiddie world.

It's really quiet laughable in reading Mayor Davis' endorsement...he just endorsed himself. It was "I" and "me", not "us" as a community working together to make us better. In fact, I believe Mayor Davis has just overdone the endorsements...every time I see his face it's a turn off. This is from someone who at one time supported him, but can no longer say the same. I'm tired of everything just being about HIM.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Davis and if he endorse Ly then he got my vote.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 14:11
Are you ready to pay more in taxes as Davis is waiting until after the elections to spring "revenue bonds" on the public. This will result in more taxes because EG continues to spend money without much thought or input.
If you voted for Davis, you might want to educate yourself on his latest, greatest plan and reconsider voting for him. He has broken nearly every promise he made back in 2006 and 2010.

Anonymous said...

As for me, anytime I see a grow man with a bunch of children and no women, I get kind of creeped out. Bad optics.

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