UPDATED- Bera Overtakes Ose; AP Calls the Race For Bera

November 19, 2014 | Congressman Dr. Ami Bera's lead over Republican challenger Doug Ose in the race for California's Se...

November 19, 2014 |

Congressman Dr. Ami Bera's lead over Republican challenger Doug Ose in the race for California's Seventh Congressional District widened today according to just released totals from the Sacramento County Voter's Registrar.

According to the tabulation posted as of 3:30 this afternoon, Bera has 92,394 votes to Ose's 90,962 for a lead of 1,432 votes. The previous tallies posted last Thursday had Bera leading by 697 votes. 

Although his lead widened, Bera's total percentage of the vote rose only slightly to 50.39 from last week's 50.2.  

UPDATE: As of this afternoon, all the mail-in ballots have been counted and 4,300 remaining provisional ballots are uncounted. The next report will be posted Friday afternoon.

UPDATE 5:15 p.m.: The Associated Press has called the race for Bera after determining that with 4,300 remaining county-wide provisional ballots, Ose would not be able to overtake the lead.

"It's been my honor serving this community as a doctor for the last nineteen years, and I am grateful I will have the opportunity to continue serving as the representative for California's 7th Congressional District in Congress," Bera said in a statement released by his campaign. 


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Anonymous said...

I hope Doug Ose gives up and doesn't run again in 2016.

I almost threw a shoe at my TV set after watching all the Ose Bera ads.

Ads for Hillary and her opponent are going to be bad enough, don't make me take out my TV with a brick!

Roger Sterling said...

Don't be surprised to see those so-called issue ads to start popping up after the Christmas Holidays pass. You know the ones that say something like "Call Congressman Bera at 555-555-5555 and tell him to protect consumers and vote for the Xl Pipeline" or something to that effect. These ads are not designed to get someone to buy a new product or service, or for that matter even garner support for an issue. Rather they are designed to gin-up apathy, which is after all what our clients want. As long as there are big issues and big bucks that can create apathy, these ads will be be on TV all the time. Anon above, they seemed to have worked on you! Speaking of gin....

Anonymous said...

Doug Ose's saturation of smear ads running endlessly on TV don't appear to have worked out for him.

Anonymous said...

Bera is against the pipeline!!!

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