Region Builders 'Really Excited' With Suen Appointment

December 4, 2017 | Sacramento's influential real estate development interest group Region Builders wasted no time in expressing...

December 4, 2017 |

Sacramento's influential real estate development interest group Region Builders wasted no time in expressing their pleasure with last night's appointment of Darren Suen to the Elk Grove City Council.

Earlier this morning Region Builders distributed an email where they noted they supported Suen's appointment because of his "strong credentials in civic leadership, his expertise in planning, and his dedication to the community."

Founded in 2012, Region Builders is headed by the self-described smiling assassin, Joshua Wood. An often polarizing special interest group, Region Builders unabashedly advocates for construction and real estate development as an economic catalyst for the Sacramento area.

Although Suen is currently employed by the California Department of Water Resources, his resume (see page 10) says between April, 2004 and March, 2009 he was unemployed by "Various Home Builders." One of those employers was Reynen & Bardis, where he was their Community Planning Manager.

The City of Elk Grove is currently embroiled in litigation with Reynen & Bardis, who is try to recover development fees they paid. Even though Reynen & Bardis suffered a spectacular collapse during the housing bust, they have again become prolific contributors to Elk Grove City Council Members and own property in the city's Southeast Policy Area that they have expressed hope will be rezoned for single-dwelling housing.

At next Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony at the city council meeting, another Region Builders approved candidate, Council Member-elect Steve Ly, will join Suen on the city council.   

"We are really excited about Mr. Suen's appointment because we often don't have new council member's with such a breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm for creating economic growth," Wood told EGN.

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Edward R. Murrow said...

Kudos to Elk Grove News.
You've scooped Scoopy at the Bee.
{Perhaps that should "BEE" your new motto.)
Either the Bee's writers are slow, or handcuffed by its editorial staff.
It's disgusting how more than one council member has characterized this choice for appointment as fiscally responsible.
It means death to democracy.
And it means the fulfillment of what scholar Sheldon Wolin calls "inverse totalitarianism."
The 20th Century Nazis and the Fascists established governments that dictated rules to businesses.
Now, businesses tell the governments what to do and how to do it.
At least EGN got the story right, and deserves our congratulations; while the rest of us deserve what we got.

Anonymous said...

Keep building in the face of the worst drought in 1,200 years.

Real smart huh?

Anonymous said...


And it might not be ending anytime soon

California’s three years of low rainfall is the region’s worst drought in 1,200 years, according to a new study.

Why should current homeowners have to ration to the point where they can't even flush their toilets to allow for building thousands of new homes?

The only ones that benefit are the developers.

Elk Grove is going to become a big sprawling mess with bland strip malls, high density low income housing projects, dead lawns, traffic jams, smog, ugly garish monument signs.


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