Dutch Brothers Coffee Opening Soon in Elk Grove

February 7, 2015 | Elk Grove's burgeoning drive-thru specialty coffee scene will receive another jolt this month when the long-a...

February 7, 2015 |

Elk Grove's burgeoning drive-thru specialty coffee scene will receive another jolt this month when the long-anticipated Dutch Brothers opens.

According to territory franchisee Kyle Garrett, the drive-thru specialty coffee shop on the southwest corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and East Stockton Boulevard will open between February 17 and 20, based on final inspections by the City of Elk Grove.

The Elk Grove location will be the eighth store in the Sacramento area for the rapidly expanding Grants Pass, Oregon-based company. In addition to California, Dutch Brothers operates 200 stores in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

Well-regarded for its philanthropic efforts, local Dutch Brother franchisers are regularly involved in community efforts. The Granite Bay store recently helped raise funds for the families of the three teens killed last month in the Roseville I-80 auto accident, one of whom was a regular customer.      

Garrett said the Elk Grove store is the first of several stores he plans on opening in Elk Grove, Galt, and Lodi. 

"We are working on opening a couple more right now," he said.

The Dutch Brothers Elk Grove outlet will join a long list of establishments offering drive-thru specialty coffee products. Currently, the city has four drive-thru McDonald's, three Starbucks, and one Grace Roaster offering coffee drinks.       

As part of Dutch Brothers grand opening festivities, Garrett said customers will be offered any 16-ounce drink on their menu for free. The offer will be for a 24-hour period starting at 5 a.m. on a yet-to-be-determined day.  

"Customers can have anything on our menu," Garrett said. "All of its going to be free."

"And, it's going to be crazy," he added. 

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Anonymous said...

Tried their coffee while on a road trip North and loved it. They DO know how to make a great cuppa coffee and we will certainly be regular customers for that burst of energy on the way to/from work.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for their architectural design. It's nice to see someone come to our city for a change and not look to see what they can get away with, since the word is out that EG govt is a pushover.

Oh, we will probably hear from their competitor that they are do not roast their beans locally, or they are not donating some of their profits to a good cause, etc. etc. But don't buy into any of that hype--who cares where the beans are actually roasted--they all come from third world countries for a song. And pledging to donate a certain percentage of your profits to charity--well, who gets to see the books to know whether this actually happens, and when your business is in expansion mode, you are reinvesting and using tax deductions, so you can go a long time without actually showing a "profit" on the books.

Good luck dutch!

Anonymous said...

There are six Starbucks and two Grace Coffee Roasters.

EGN said...

Anon 7:57. Yes your count is correct, but the story's reference was to the number of drive-thru facilities in the city.

Mayor Gary Davis said...

At the risk of igniting a firestorm of optimism on this blog, I would like to welcome Kyle and Dutch Brother to Elk Grove. I have followed this franchise for a long time and they will be a wonderful addition to the Elk Grove coffee landscape.

Welcome to The Grove!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Davis, your negative comment followed by your positive comment caused me to miss the real meaning of your message. That old “feedback sandwich” method!

Brother Antoninus said...

I cringed when I read the "mayor" (as everyone on this blog is anonymous) write his "welcome to The Grove!"
Elk Grove becomes just a little harder to tolerate with its sports wet dreams; not to mention now a re-naming of the city to "The Grove!"
Let's hold the "mayor" to his ebullient overstatement and retain the exclamation point in his re-naming the city.

Anonymous said...

Very glad that a new business is going to open in ELK GROVE, Dutch Brothers coffee is a good fit and should be well received. I have a couple of concerns: 1. I know the site was selected to catch the morning commuters before they get on the freeway, however this is going to create a major traffic flow similar to the Chick-Fil-A almost impossible to ingress and egress. 2. What backup plan does the City Planning & CC when the traffic starts to back up? Can't ask Green Acres to allow the customers to exit through their parking lot. Good luck Dutch Brothers see you once the commuters are at work.

Anonymous said...

Brother Antoninus,
On the internet, no one knows if you are a dog.

Lt. Dan said...

Finally, a little class shown by our mayor. Thanks , Mr. Davis.

Can't say we won't acknowledge a positive move when we see one.

Let's see if you can do it again. P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

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