Meet and Greet Town Hall Style Meetings Planned by Elk Grove City Council Member

February 8, 2015 | In an effort to take the pulse of Elk Grove residents, a series of town hall style meetings will be held by an Elk...

February 8, 2015 |

In an effort to take the pulse of Elk Grove residents, a series of town hall style meetings will be held by an Elk Grove City Council.

The three meetings, which be held throughout the city, are being conducted by newly appointed Council Member Darren Suen. As the replacement appointment for former District Council Member Jim Cooper, Suen will conduct the meetings to start a dialogue with constituents. 

Below is the schedule for the three meetings:
  • Tuesday, February 17 6-8 pm., Wackford Community and Aquatic Complex
  • Wednesday, February 18, 6-8 p.m., Elk Grove Regional Park, Pavilion building
  • Thursday, February 26, 6:30 -8 p.m., Laguna Town Hall

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Anonymous said...

Someone actually wants to hear what we have to say?

I believe that residents like the informal nature of this type of meeting rather than the usual council meeting with a set agenda. People are more comfortable in a one-on-one conversation with a councilperson and feel they are actually being heard. Residents attending the city council meetings and that now seems to be fewer every month, never have their concerns addressed during deliberations, it's as if they were speaking to a wall. lol...what can I say, they've lost touch with the people.

Sounds great to me.....

Connie said...

I think it is great that Darren is holding these meetings. We have seen, when running for office, our elected officials and/or challengers will meet with anyone and everyone, promising you the moon for your vote.

After they are elected, not so much. I am sure they will meet if you have particular matter before the Council or just to talk . However, to have open meetings where anyone can come and speak, and listen to the elected as well as to other residents, has been few and far between. In fact, I cannot think of any district meetings in the past five years.

Where I live, we hosted the last one for District 2 back in 2009 when all the community leaders came together with our district’s elected official. The public was also invited to attend. It was a great meeting, extremely well attended and no topic was off limits. But that was years ago, and none since.

Thank you Darren! I will certainly attend the one on the Eastside.

SteveB6509 said...

This is a great step for Darren to take - bravo!

Anonymous said...

Be careful Darren, if you start to make commitments and Region Builders disagrees, they will shut you down!

Anonymous said...

Sophia had monthly meetings. Not many people attended but everyone was welcome. All counsel members should do the same.

Connie said...

Anon at 10:32:

Thank you! I stand corrected. Sophia did have monthly meetings. So that was one of five that did so regularly.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for sure. We don't seem to be heard at council meetings so this is an opportunity for us to have an open discussion much like we once did. I remember those meetings Connie speaks of and found them very informative.

Could we be headed in the same direction as Irvine...Shutting Down Citizen Voices at City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Is this still on...not hearing anything more.

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