Two More Highway Billboards to Grace Elk Grove's Highway 99 Scenery

This 80-foot billboard will be just north of  Grant Line Road along  Highway 99. February 17, 2015 | Soon, Elk Grove will have t...

This 80-foot billboard will be just north of 
Grant Line Road along Highway 99.
February 17, 2015 |

Soon, Elk Grove will have two more tall monument billboards greeting visitors travelling through the city along Highway 99.

The billboards, which will be 75 and 80-feet tall, will be installed near Elk Grove Boulevard and Grant Line Road respectively. The first step in the predetermined approval of the massive structures comes this Thursday night when the Elk Grove Planning Commission will hear from the applicant that will develop them.  

The applicant, Concord, Calif. based-Reynolds and Brown, will erect the structures on parcels located at 9960 and 10465 East Stockton Boulevard. Both signs will be on the east side of Highway 99. 

Because the city loosened its billboard requirements in 2013 to help facilitate the construction of a new McDonald's and liquor store on Sheldon Road near Highway 99, Reynolds and Brown can construct the billboards by right. When the city loosened the sign requirements, it also created several so-called business center district sign overlay zones along Highway 99 and Interstate 5 to accommodate the billboards. 

In addition to these two structures, another billboard was approved last year for the east side of Highway 99 and the Bond Road-Laguna Boulevard exit. A fourth billboard is expected for the aforementioned combination McDonald's-liquor store and will be placed on the east side of Highway 99, just south of Sheldon Road. There are no known billboards currently planned the sign districts along Interstate 5.  

Thursday night's meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. 

This billboard will be located just south of
 Elk Grove Boulevard

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Anonymous said...

Whaaat, no plastic elk on top and what's that thing hanging on the bottom like a dingleberry. Not only that, but you left off CA. How are those tourists going to know what state they're in?

Is this the best we can do in bringing jobs to Elk Grove...clutter our highways with signs pointing people to some fast food & discount stores. Elk Groves new motto "if you Sign it, they will come".

Anonymous said...

well, this will certainly make us the destination city the mayor wants...KFC, Burger King and Denny's...these signs will bring in hoard of visitors....what happened to the big plastic elk the council was so giddy about??

Connie said...

I was against these signs because I wanted better for our city. The only thing we can hope for now is that the planning commission, and then the city council, will make them as pleasing to eye as they can.

Yes, folks traveling on Hwy. 99 as you pass through Elk Grove once in a while, we have a McDonald’s at every exit.

So with that, I have been lobbying for a Sonic Burger. At least we would be the only city with one in our part of the region. If fast food jobs are the best we can hope for right now, at least we can be a little unique.

Anonymous said...

This city is going to end up being a ticky tacky dump.

Anonymous said...

Executive housing? Medical Mecca? Stronger neighborhoods? Olympic diving? MSL?

Anonymous said...

How about jobs that pay middle class wages instead of minimum pay?

Elk Grove is just an extension of South Sac.

Plato said...

For this reason alone, every single city council member should be defeated in their next election. - Destroying the beauty of our city for the benefit of fast food profits and campaign war chests.

This is NOT in the best interests of our city, short or long term.

So shortsighted and greedy.

Anonymous said...

Building more houses during one of the worst droughts in 500 years?

What are they thinking of?

Why should I have to let my lawn die and not be able to flush the toilet just to accommodate new houses?

Elk Grove needs a housing moratorium now, before its fate is sealed as a tacky sprawling blob like Las Vegas.

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