State Senators Pan, Allen to Deliver Vaccination Petition Supporting SB 277

February 24, 2015 | Following the recent outbreak of measles and the increased awareness of the importance of vaccinations, Califor...

February 24, 2015 |

Following the recent outbreak of measles and the increased awareness of the importance of vaccinations, California State Senators Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) will deliver a petition to lawmakers urging the closure of the so-called vaccination loophole.

The 25,000 signatures on the petition urging stricter vaccination laws were gathered in response to the efforts of Karl Krawitt, father of a 7-year old cancer survivor. Krawitt, with the help of, organized the signature-gathering effort. 

Because of a loophole, parents can claim personal beliefs exemption to children enrolled in public schools. Since the recent measles outbreak, Krawitt has expressed concern that his son Rhett, whose immune system is weakened by chemotherapy treatments, is unnecessarily being put at risk by unvaccinated children. 

Pan, a pediatrician, and Allen have also introduced Senate Bill 277 to repeal the personal belief exemption. SB 277 will require that only children that have been immunized for various diseases, including measles and Pertussis (whopping cough), be admitted to a public school in California. The bill will also require schools to notify parents of immunization rates at their child’s school.  Currently, 32 other states have similar laws.

“It is our duty and responsibility to protect all children who attend schools in California,” Pan said. “SB 277 was introduced because parents are speaking up and letting us know that current laws are not enough to protect their kids. As a pediatrician I have personally witnessed the suffering caused by diseases that are preventable, and I am very grateful to all those parents who are speaking up as a result of the recent measles outbreak.”

The petitions will be delivered tomorrow at Allen's office in the State Capitol, Room 2054, at noon.  


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Anonymous said...

So we will stomp on the rights of many to help one child. Who by the way could get a sickness from a vaccinated child as well.

SteveB6509 said...

No, we will protect most of the population from the few who choose to ignore common health practices. If you don't want to immunize your children, you can send them to Charter school.

Hippy Dippy Parents are a danger to society said...

Herd immunity only works when the entire herd is immunized. Everyone's immunization level is different as they process the vaccine at different levels. This is also why booster shots or different vaccines, such at tetanus, whooping cough, are needed.

I'm waiting for the lawsuit....your unvaccinated kid gave my vaccinated child the measles. (This could happen because the titer level of the vaccinated child was low; meaning they processed the vaccine at a lower level.) The vaccinated child would not have acquired the measles but for the unvaccinated kid. It's coming. Just wait.

Vaccinate your kids or, as stated above, send them to a Charter School.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you haven't read the bill. SB277 includes ALL children whether public, charter, private and even home school! That is why parents are so irate. This is leaving parents who no choice (mandatory)in this matter.This is the government of CA forcing parents to inject their children with a pharmaceutical (yes, vaccines are a drug with real adverse effects) and the federal government is already in the works to start mandating adult vaccinations. Hope you all are ready to have the government mandate medical procedures for yourself and your families. Less than 3% of CA children are not vaccinated. So we are going to take the choice and freedom away from all parents because of 3%. This isn't about pro-vaccine or anti it is about government control. Please take some time to actually research what is going on in this country between pharmaceutical companies and our legislators. If you are interested Google the movie "BOUGHT". It is currently free to view online until March 6.
Oh, and the Disneyland outbreak was genotype B3 from the Philippians,. Our vaccination covers Strain A. Wake up people!! And ask yourself why on Earth newborn babies are vaccinated against Hepatitis B??? This is a sexually transmitted disease usually transmitted through dirty needles and IV drug use.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your vaccinated child may get the measles whether or not mine is vaccinated. That's because the virus will thrive in a body that is susceptible to it. Meaning, a weak immune system. All living organisms require 6 essential nutrients to sustain life. Water, vitamins, mineral, fat,carbohydrates and protein. You get all these through nutrition. But only if you are nourishing yourself adequately.With real, non genetically modified, nutrient densed foods, and supplements. This way, your body obtains everything required for it to function properly, specifically during a time of illness. This explains why your vaccinated child (who should be protected) will end up with measles. Not because someone healthy is walking around without vaccines.

Accusing others for your lack of good health and proper hygiene (your child should be washing his/her hands after touching anything and before putting those germs in his/her mouth) is irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

You have zero understanding of viruses and disease. YOU are the problem. Kale does not cure the measles.

Helen Ostrovergova said...

It is so unethical to use ignorance of uneducated people to get their support for the vaccination. It is much difficult to get a support of researchers and independent doctors, because they know the side effects.

Dr. Pan uses old school strategy that worked well when people burned "witches" because "majority wanted". He uses dogmas and call it "science". He does not mention campaign contributions he got from Merck.

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