Part I - Elk Grove City Council Discusses Long-term Vision, Short Term Goals at Special Meeting

March 5, 2015 | Part I At a special meeting held yesterday, the Elk Grove City Council and members of the city's executiv...

March 5, 2015 |

Part I

At a special meeting held yesterday, the Elk Grove City Council and members of the city's executive staff discussed long-term planning and set some goals they hope to achieve in the next two years.

The so-called retreat meeting was held at the Falls Event Center on Elk Grove Boulevard and was facilitated by Martha Lofgren. Prior to her work partnership at a Sacramento law firm, Lofgren also served as Folsom's city attorney.

As outlined by Lofgren, the purpose of the meeting was to establish a long-term vision of the city and prioritize what she called two-year imperatives. The two-year imperatives are projects the city council hopes to achieve within two years.

As part of the process, the city council heard presentations from the city planning, police, and public works departments. After the presentations, council members discussed their individual visions for the city.

Mayor Gary Davis said the sports developments could help Elk Grove distinguish itself from other similar sized cities in the region. Davis, who has pushed the development of the proposed aquatics center and soccer stadium, acknowledged there has been little discussion about developing a performing arts center in the city.

As one of the two new members of the city council, Darren Suen repeated a theme he has already emphasized in a series of public meetings he recently conducted.  

"I want this to be a place where I can retire," he said.

Coming to the City Council from the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees, newly elected member Steve Ly stressed the importance of education as a foundation for the city's long-term health. Ly said having strong schools will help the city develop a good reputation and suggested the city work with the EGUSD on projects. 

Council Member Steve Detrick suggested the city should continue its focus on public safety and infrastructure maintenance. He noted public safety will ensure the city's neighborhood will continue to flourish  and that in turn will facilitate economic development.

Citing the city's motto of a proud heritage and bright future, Vice Mayor Pat Hume suggested the city tap into its agricultural roots as a means of economic development. He noted Elk Grove is unique compared to other chartered cities because it has preserved an agricultural component within city limits.    

"We have made a component of our strategy to preserve our agricultural area," he said. 

Hume went on to say this could be leveraged in the burgeoning farm-to-fork movement and be an important part of the city's economic development. Hume also said this would combine nicely with the city's emphasis on fitness, the three major medical facilities already here, and the pharmacy school. 

The Vice Mayor also said the city's recent marketing emphasis on transforming Elk Grove into a "destination city" should be refocused.

"I don't ever envision us as a place where someone burns vacation time," he said.



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Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!!!!! AT LEAST ONE PERSON "GETS' IT. No one will ever burn any vacation hours here in EG...get rid of that ridiculous notion and just make EG what the residents want...a clean, livable, safe, place to call home. I don't usually agree with Mr. Hume, but he finally said what most of my friends have known all along.."destination city" is meant for cities like Las Vegas and SF...not EG....I might end up liking this Hume character some day.

Steve L said...

At least Mr. Hume still has a foot entrenched in reality, while the others seem to be floating along in a version of the "Twilight Zone."

Yes, no one will burn their well-earned vacation hours traveling to Elk grove. Not now, not in five years, not in this millinium.

The sooner the others realize this, the sooner we can get back to making our city better for those of us who actually live here.

Matt Foley said...

Reading between yourlines:

Davis: doesn't use the word "destination", now it's "distinguish itself". Still sounds like good money following bad for pipe dreams

Ly: Stronger education?? Dude, you're not on school board anymore and the city has no financial ties to the school district.

Detrick: Public safety and infrastructure? Police union likes the sound of thatand infrastructure will help sell the sales tax increase.

Hume: Find me a rural property owner in the SOI who wants to farm and stick it on a fork. Or, maybe you were laying the groundwork for Nottoli's rural area?

Suen: Retire here? Really? Ya think so? Better keep U-Haul on speed dial just in case!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lie, the school district is separate and apart from the City of Elk Grove....thank God! The last thing we need is for you spendthrifts on the city council getting your hands on the cash cow of EGUSD! EGUSD is making a slow and steady financial recovery following the depression, er, recession.

As stated above, Mr. Lie you're not on the school board. They don't want you back. The residents don't want you back. Go play with the city council for as long as you can...until the residents see you for what you opportunistic, glad-handing, slap happy, photo-op seeking buffoon.

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