Elk Grove Affordable Housing Committee to Consider Rezone, Could Increase Apartments to Three Floors

By Lynn Wheat |  

When they convene on Monday afternoon, The City of Elk Grove Affordable Housing Committee will review two applications for affordable housing projects.

The projects are located on the Bruceville and Backer Ranch Roads, and Bow Street and East Stockton Boulevard. The Bow Street location is currently zoned for high density residential and that project is compatible with the designated zoning.  

The Backer Ranch project, however, is slightly different. The site is currently zoned for a residential density of 20-units per acre, but seeks to upzone the property in order to allow them to build 90 units.  To fit the 90 units on the property it requires them to go up to three stories. 

Characterized as a simple rezone in a letter from the city planning department, if it is rezoned as recommended, the multi-family dwellings could also be increased to three levels. 

How compatible is this with the surrounding residents? The current site plan is for only a portion of the property with a massive front of three story apartments the length of a football field lining Bruceville Road. 

Is the Backer Ranch site plan a good fit? Once again residents will be faced with a speculative zone change, and most likely it will remain unknown to them until the deal is done.

The committee, which includes Elk Grove City Councilmen Pat Hume and Darren Suen meets at 3 p.m. and will be held in Conference Room 3A at Elk Grove City Hall, 8401 Laguna Palms Way. More information on the Affordable Housing Committee is available at www.elkgrovecity.org.

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