After Rally at Bera's District Office, The Resistance Schedules Organizing Meeting

February 6, 2017 |   

After successfully organizing a rally at Congressman Dr. Ami Bera's field office last week, a new political activist group has announced a general meeting tomorrow night.

Called The Resistance, the Sacramento-Elk Grove-based group was organized in opposition to President Donald Trump's agenda which they characterized as "hateful." 

 “I knew all the things Donald Trump promised in his campaign could actually become reality, and it was terrifying,” Jaclyn Moreno, the group's founder said. “I wanted to become active in some way to help my community, and the Indivisible Guide gave me a roadmap on how to do that. That’s why I started The Resistance.”

Last Thursday's rally called "Let's Keep Bera Accountable" attracted 50 people to the peaceful demonstration staged outside of the congressman's Sacramento office. The Resistance said they heard from Bera who said he was "uplifted" by the surge in civic engagement.

At their planned meeting tomorrow, the group will discuss the Indivisible guide, a resource put together by former congressional staffers that offer tips and guidance for constituents to make their concerns known to their senators and representatives. The Resistance is also part of the Indivisible network. 

“We need to stand together to protect the civil and human rights of all members of our community that are under attack by Donald Trump,” Moreno said. “For anyone who is ready to fight that agenda, you’ll meet like-minded individuals at our meeting.”

Tomorrow's meeting will be held Fern Bacon Middle School, 4140 Cuny Ave, Sacramento at 7:30 p.m. For more information about the group, contact Jaclyn Moreno at

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I say California should secede from the Union to become our own nation, and I nominate Nancy Pelosi to be our President!

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