Elk Grove May Be Great For Young Families, But Among Worst American Cities For Singles Scene Study Says

August 22, 2017 |

Elk Grove may be a good place for families with school-age children, but once these youngsters age out of the Elk Grove Unified School District or other area private schools, the outlook changes. 

Those were the findings of a recently released survey titled "The 50 Cities with the Worst Singles Scenes in America." 

The study which was conducted and posted on the lifestyle website BestLifeOnline.com looked at what it said are the 200 largest metropolitan areas based on U.S. Census data. The criteria used to determine whether an area has a vibrant singles scene included the number of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues per 100,000 people. 

Elk Grove rates poorly in the study coming as the ninth worst singles scene in the country. The city received a score of 26.13, and within the categories examined, Elk Grove has, respectively 2.36 bars, 43.56 restaurants, and 10.6 entertainment venues per 100,000 people.   

The list contains 20 other California cities rated as having a weak singles scene. Except for Oceanside, all the other municipalities including Elk Grove are non-coastal communities. The closest city to Elk Grove to make the list was Stockton which was ranked 30th.  

While it had the dubious distinction of being in the top 10 worst American cities for singles, Elk Grove can take solace that three other California communities ranked lower. Those cities rated worse than Elk Grove were Palmdale, Moreno Valley and Fontana which came in fourth, third and first respectively.     

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

EGN has it all wrong!

Elk Grove is a goldmine for singles! Take for example, a single woman living in one of our choice tract homes. All she needs to do is pretend her lawnmower won't start and tons of single men will flock over to her house wheeling their own mowers down the sidewalk, motors-a-humming!

A single man has it made in the shade! Just stand outside your tract home and kick a soccer ball around on your front lawn, and soon the soccer mom divorcees will come running to your house wanting to play goalie!

Okay, now you've got your date all lined up and it's Saturday night? Well jeez, head over to one of Elk Grove's many romantic hideaways for dinner! Get the feel of nature without even leaving the city!

Cozy up to some spare ribs at Dickey's BBQ, or better yet, munch away on a chicken fried steak at Black Bear Diner. I mean where else can you see a tall bear standing on it's hind legs in the City? And if you're lucky, also get a sighting of the Chick-Fil-A cow waving his furry hoof at all the motorists as they drive by!

After you've wined and dined, put down some good vittles, and taken in some local craft beers--head over for some good outdoor romance at the duck pond at Elk Grove Regional Park! Bring plenty of bread crumbs but remember don't walk barefoot on the grass!

When the moon is high in the sky and outshines the great Auto Mall sign, then it's time to get busy! Head over to your stucco tract home, click the garage door opener, and fire up that large screen TV. Dancing with the Stars is just right for the start of a romantic night!

EGN has it all wrong. The Grove is hot to trot!

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