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April 22, 2018 |

Hello Readers,

Each month, the Elk Grove City Council includes in its meeting agenda, a listing of the Monthly Disbursement and AP Check Register. Translated: What our city government is spending our money on! Usually, the hundreds of items are pretty routine and self-explanatory, albeit painfully expensive at times. 

However, most months also include some items that leave us scratching our heads wondering what were they thinking, or dropping our jaws saying, WHAT? So this month is no different and I have listed a few head-scratchers or say whats?

John Hospenthal, Livestock transport, cows: $200

Discount Printed Promos, Pet Food scoops: $253.21

Elk Grove Youth Baseball, sponsorship, and baseballs: $3,000

Elk Grove Audi, replacement vehicle: $31,246

Nina's Flowers and Gifts, Centerpiece flowers, PD banquet: $915.88

NAACP Sac. Branch, sponsor NAACP prayer break: $500

Godbe Corp, Sales tax Citizen Survey Phase 2: $14,525

And finally, a regular recipient which happens to be one of our Planning Commissioner's place of business:

Paula Maita and Co., Deskwedge nameplate: $20.74
Paula Maita and Co., Council nameplates: $37.71
Paula Maita and Co., Service date plate: $29.63
Paula Maita and Co., 6" Blue carved star awards: $176.28
Paula Maita and Co., 7" Blue carved star awards: $103.02
Paula Maita and Co. Arts Commission name badges: $103.12
Paula Maita and Co., PD volunteer plaques: $48.48
Paula Maita and Co., PD award plaque: $77.31
Paula Maita and Co., Engraved plates: $32.33
Paula Maita and Co., Name Plate, City Mgr: $10.51
Paula Maita and Co., Engraved plate PD: $29.63
Paula Maita and Co., North End parkas: $582.33
Paula Maita and Co., Gold Diamond plaque: $76.22

Until next month, remember, a taxpayer's penny saved is a penny more in our pocket.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Hey Penny, great work and glad you are back with your reporting.

Your accounting put a stop to a lot of outlandish city of Elk Grove spending in the past which brings me to one item noted above: Elk Grove Audi for $31,246? What is this purchase all about?

One thing we do know, it wasn't a replacement vehicle for Elk Grove City Councilman Steve Detrick. He made it known that a new vehicle for him would be "eighty or ninety thousand."

With the way this Elk Grove City Council spends taxpayer money shamelessly, and as we saw in the past, with staff trying to hide other spending in the warrants by using credit cards, I am of the opinion maybe we need to keep on an eye out for that dollar amount.

Josie said...

A replacement vehicle....when did we start providing vehicles for an employee? I know that at one time, perhaps as far back as 2009 Laura Gill was paid a vehicle allowance of $500.00. Has that now been changed to furnishing a vehicle? Next thing we'll read about will be a car and chauffeur for the Mayor and Lazy Boys for the LIVING ROOM being built at the Civic Center.

Just wait until those Mello Roos Maintenance Fees for the Aquatics Center kick in and we'll be wondering what the heck did the City do to us. Such is life in Elk Grove, now lets start work on plugging that Leakage that Mr. Doan speaks of....whatever that means.

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