Elk Grove News Minute - Hit the Wilton Rancheria casino buffet, play the slots & get gassed-up

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling could have serious implications for the business plan of the proposed Wilton Rancheria casino in Elk Grove, city coffers, and motorist. 

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

If the Wilton Rancheria were to pursue this, it would gut sales tax revenues coming into the city. A price advantage that could save motorist even 10 cents a gallon, much less a higher amount, would probably draw even non-gamblers to their pumps. If you doubt that, just look at the line gas pumps at the two local Costco stores.

One would have hoped Assemblymember Cooper and the Einstein's on the city council would have stipulated a no gas station clause in the state gaming compact and MOU. Even if such a stipulation exists, as we have seen throughout the city's history, everything in Elk Grove is subject to change. Just ask Stonelake residents.

Randy Bekker said...

Not sure what the fuss is about this ruling. I don’t think Electric vehicles pay any road tax. Where is the uproar over that? It would mean that gas prices would have to be lowered by the major carriers to compete. Consumers win!

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